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His inspiration comes from some legendary art collections from which he tries to emulate the things in his work. Woodworking Talk is probably one of woodworking sites on facebook you not the largest woodworking forum sites. Here, you will learn a lot about basic hand tools. Email us us the type of bloggers you want to reach out at anuj feedspot. About Blog Sawgrafter.

This is one of the best websites when it comes to DIY work. It is run by Steve Ramsey who has devoted his whole life to woodworking. He has a huge Facebook and Instagram following where you can follow him and keep yourself updated with the latest posts. The Woodworking for mere mortals Site was created in According to Steve, he has seen his dad working with wood and repairing things while growing up that has inspired him.

He loves power tools like lathe machine, table saw, drill press, and more. According to him, when it comes to woodworking, a lot of people have this misconception that you have to have big tools. But on his site, you would learn a lot of stuff with essential hand tools which will be helpful if you are a beginner. Website Youtube Channel. Facebook Page. She is the queen of DIY Woodworks and has millions of followers around the world.

She lives with her husband, and two kids in Alaska make some cool furniture with very basic tools. This is the website that you should bookmark right away. She has spent the last decade working on different woodworking projects. According to Ana, her goal is simple, to improve their homes on a limited budget with essential tools. She also uses a couple of basic power tools which includes miter saw, a drill, brad nailer, Kreg jig, and circular saw.

You can also email her on [email protected] , and probably she will reply to you as well. Youtube Channel. Instagram Page. This is also a great blog where you will learn a lot of woodworking. Paul has been doing woodwork for the last 50 years. There are also different woodworking courses available on his website. He considers himself a lifestyle woodworker who will help you in improving your life with basic and advanced carpentry skills.

He is very well known among celebrities and Politicians. His designs have renovated the homes of Senator Gramm and President Bush. Two of his cabinets are also the part of the White House permanent collection that itself shows the quality of work he does. What i appreciate about his work is diversity. According to him, woodworking is an art where learning never ends. This is the website run by Donald LeBlanc and has a very active community of like-minded people. The site has everything for you, different plans, recommend tools, DIY Projects, and their merchandise t-shirts as well.

The site was launched in , and since then, it has received a lot of fan following around the world. To access the site, firstly you need to register yourself to have an account.

There is a lot of fun DIY stuff that also you can try. You can also contact them through their Contact Us Page, and they are very quick to respond.

No matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced in woodworking, there is always something new to learn. Kreg Jig Owners Community.

Kreg Jig Owners Community is a great site for woodworkers. It is run and managed by Kreg Tools. At first it may appear that this site is just for fans of Kreg Tools which I am , but the community on this site is very large and it has a lot of rich content.

Router Forums. Router Forums is a great site with many categories and a really large following. There is obviously a focus on router based questions and projects. Woodworkers Guild of America. Woodworkers Guild of America is an excellent site with videos, forums, and projects.

This site is run by wood magazine and has a lot of great content. Woodworking Talk. Woodworking Talk is probably one of if not the largest woodworking forum sites. It has a huge user base and many categories for every woodworking interest there is. Wood Talk Online. This site is definitely an up and comer. The wood whisperer though has amazing content, and so I believe the forum site will catch up. The Wood Whisperer. The Wood Whisperer is an excellent instructional video blog site. Bob Clagett does a great job sharing his projects through video and blogging on his DIY woodworking website, as well as having a Maker series and his own book about his path to content creation.

Paul Sellers — A Lifestyle Woodworker. Paul has been around awhile and has the content on his DIY woodworking website to prove it. Shanty 2 Chic. They do a great job with pictures, video, and detailed plans for all of their projects. Make Something. Most of the projects on this DIY woodworking website are great for taking your woodworking to the next level by trying a unique and challenging woodworking project. The Wood Whisperer. Anything and everything you want to know about woodworking is provided by Marc Spagnuolo on his DIY woodworking website.

You can find links here to all of his videos, plans, podcast, book, and the woodworker guild with many more advanced level woodworking projects to really test your skills.

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