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Rubbing Compound. A system of ducts and hoses connected to a vacuum device for the removal of sawdust, wood chips, and other debris generated during lictures operations. Bull-nose plane-A small metal plane with a short nose which enables it to be worked close to corners some are equipped with noses that are adjustable or detachable which enables the plane to work clear into the corner. Climb-cut v woodworking terms with pictures 10 The act of using your cutting tool to cut wood in the opposite direction than the tool was designed to operate; use with caution. If it does not go all the way across it is refered to as a stopped dado.

Also called a dovetail key or Dutchman joint. Also called a channel. Also called a cramp. Also called composite wood or manufactured board. Also spelled fibre. Also called a comb joint or box joint. Also called a gouge. Also called rail and stile. Also called a sash saw. Also called a panel saw. Also called a hold down. Also called a joiner. Also called an overlap joint. Also called a slat. Also called an arbor or spelled mandril.

Also called coving or spelled molding. These have a center Woodworking Terms With Pictures Meaning spur and circular rims with cutting teeth that cut clean flat bottomed holes. Plywood with one side patched solid and sanded, the other side will be rough and have open knot holes. Gouge Link. The appearance, size and direction of the alignment of the fibres of the wood. Grit link. The grade of particles in sandpaper or sharpening stones which determines the aggressiveness of the cut.

Hand Plane link. Hand-Screw Clamp link. Hardboard link. A manufactured board similar to particle board but with a much smoother surface, commonly refered to Woodworking Websites With Plans Android as Masonite, a popular brand. Hardwood link. A mechanical device that connects two solid objects, allowing rotation between them.

A type of iron clamp, fitting into a hole in a bench, tightened or loosened by hammer taps. Horned Dado link. Jig Saw Link. A power tool that cuts by moving a blade up and down as it is guided through the cut. Joint link. Jointer link. Kerf link. A furniture design that allows it to be easily disassembled by the use of special hardware or joinery. Level - link. MDF link. Mission Style is a design that emphasizes simple horizontal and vertical lines and flat panels that accentuate the grain of the wood usually oak.

Miter Joint link. Miter Saw Link. Mortise link. A strip of wood or metal separating and holding panes of glass in a window or door. Air Compressors. Band Saws. Circular Saws. Drill Presses. Hand Drills. Miter Saws. Radial Arm Saws. Scroll Saws. Table Saws. Thickness Planers. Wood Lathes. About Joints. About Nails. Making Inside Cuts. Drawing Large Curves. Electric Motors. Laying Out An Elipse. Lumber Dimensions. Keeping It Square. Making Shelves.

Nominal Size link. Ogee link. Open-Coat link. This is used on softer wood or paint removal because the chips will not clog the sandpaper as easily. The amount of time after a glue is spread you have before it becomes unworkable, also refered to as "working time".

A generic term for material manufactured from wood particles and bound together with glue. Phillips Head link. Pilot Bit link. A router bit with a bearing at the end of the cutter that rides against the edge the material or a template to guide the cut. A hole slightly smaller than the thread diameter of a screw drilled in a workpiece to prevent it from splitting. Pinch Sticks are two thin pieces of pointy material that are held together loosely enough at the center to move, but can be locked down.

They are used to transfer inside dimensions and to check if a carcass is square by measuring across oppposite corners. Pitch link. A term used to describe something that is perfectly perpendicular to the earth relative to gravity. A plumb bob on the end of a string will give you a line that is plumb or straight up and down. Plunge Router link. A router in which the motor can slide down into the base to insert the bit in the material. Plywood link. A glued wood panel usually 4' X 8' made up of thin layers of wood laid at right angles to each other.

Pocket Hole link. A hole drilled on an angle with a step bit to make a butt joint. The larger hole is for the screw head to enter, and the smaller hole is Woodworking Terms With Pictures Tab for the shank. This is the wood that is on the main or primary surfaces of a piece of furniture. These are the premium or money woods of the cabinet. Woods of lesser value, that are on the sides or not seen is called Secondary Wood.

Boards which have been cut so that the wide surfaces are aproximately 90 degrees to the anual growth rings, this type of cut reduces cupping of the boards. A groove in the edge or face of a board, usually a rabbet is referred to on the edge, a dado is refered to on the face.

Rack and Pinion Link. A system using two gears, one round, one flat to move a part, an example would be a drill press, a round gear connected to a handle works with a flat gear on the column to raise and lower the table. Radial Arm Saw link. Circular saw that runs on an overhead track, the track mechanism swings in relation to the table to make miter cuts. Radial Drill Press link. A drill press with the head mounted on a tube which is laterally and vertically adjustable, this type gives greater throat clearance but is not as solid as a conventional drill press so run out can be a problem.

Raised Grain link. The roughened condition of sanded wood when the hard latewood rises above the soft earlywood when moisture is applied. Rake link. A long and flat steel tool with raised teeth for shaping wood, some rounded on one side. Slicing wood parallel to the grain to create thinner pieces, usually done on a bandsaw.

Robertson Head link. A screw head requiring a driver with a square tip, also referred to as a socket head. Router link. Basically a high speed motor with handles and an adjustable base with a collet that accepts profile bits to cut dados, rabbets, or shapes. Sandpaper Link. The wood lighter coloured wood on the outside of a log, this wood is more susceptable to rot than heartwood. Sawhorse link.

To transfer the shape of an irregular surface to an object to obtain a close fit. The time it takes for wood to dry. Wood air-dries and takes one year for every inch of thickness. It refers to a year, a season.

This is the material used in furniture that is not seen or on the sides or back of an object. These are the materials that make up the drawer sides, dust panels, backs and other hidden parts. Set link. The teeth are offset on each side of the blade to allow clearance for the thickness of the blade. Shaper link. A machine with an interchangable rotary cutter head to cut profile shapes on the edge or face of material.

A vacuum cleaner built for use in a workshop, many models are wet and dry types. A term for an adjoining object being below the object it is next to. This means a little below the surface. See Proud and Flush. The tendency to gouge the trailing end of material when running it through a joiner. Softwood link.

Wood manufactured from trees with needles or scalelike leaves, has no reference to actual hardness of the wood. Spade Bit link. These are an inexpensive bit, suitable for general use, they get their name from their shape. A change in the texture, strength and color of wood caused by colonies of fungus growing within the dead wood.

Spline link. Spokeshave link. Ones that are carbide tipped will stay sharp longer and produce a smoother cut. Sander-Used for smoothing wood can be as simple as a block of wood to as complex and an industrial belt or drum sander that will sand the width of a sheet of plywood in one pass.

Scrapers cabinet-Thin sheets of steel that come in various shapes that are hand held and used for scraping and smoothing the surface of wood. Scrapers handled-Scraper blade that is secured in a handled cast-iron body the blade is given a slight bend by a thumbscrew the slight bow in the blade keeps its corners from digging into the wood. Screw carver's-Small device used by carvers to hold their work onto the bench one end has a wood screw that is fastened into the wood, the other end is passed through a hole in the bench.

Smoothing planes-Bench plane that is used mainly for cleaning up after the jack plane has been used. Spokeshaves-Hand held device in which the adjustable cutter is held in place by Carpenter Tools List With Pictures Pdf Java screw fittings there is a screw that is turned to adjust the depth of cut spokeshaves were originally used by wheelwrights and barrellmakers. Straight-edge-Strip of wood or metal that is dead straight it is used to check the straightness of surfaces and also can be clamped to a surface or board and used as a cutting guide.

Tack rag-A piece of lint-free rag that has been coated with a solution that will remove sanding dust and other debree from a surface prior to or between coats during finishing. Tail stock-The stock of a lathe that can be moved along the length of the bed to accept different lengths of stock. Tail vise-A vise that is fixed at the end of a bench.

It has a stop in its housing and stop holes at intervals along the bench. Wood can be gripped in any convenient location for working. Taper jig-A devise used on a saw for cutting tapers.

It can be adjustable so that after one taper has been cut, it can be readjusted to cut another taper on the same piece of stock. Tenon-The projecting end of a member that fits into a corresponding recess or mortise. Through dovetail-A joint in which both dovetails and pins go through the entire thickness of the stock and, therefore, the joint is exposed on both sides of the corner.

Tongue-A protruding member of the edge of the stock that fits into an adjoining groove that has been cut into another piece of stock. Tool post-A casting that is fitted to the lathe bed to which the tool rest is anchored. Tracking-Adjusting the top wheel on a bandsaw to keep the blade running centrally on the wheel and referring to the same operatin on a belt sander to keep the sanding belt runnning straight on the drums.

Urea-formaldehyde resins-Thermal-setting synthetic resins which are made by condensing urea with formaldehyde. It can be cured quickly by applying heat and pressure. V block-A block having a v-shaped groove cut into its top edge to hold cylindrical work while it is being drilled or machined.

Veneering-Covering a cheap, sound wood or built-up panel with a thin sheet of choice wood. Washita oilstone-A natural oilstone that is quarried in the United States that cuts at a medium rate and produces a fine edge. Wet-and-dry paper-Silicon carbide waterproof sandpaper commonly used for fine sanding between coats of finish. You must be logged in to write a comment.

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