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There are many blogs which tell you about the woodworking process. Some blogs give good project tips and ideas to build furniture and other woodworking projects.

There are many woodworking tutorials for beginners. All these blogs help woodworkers and also common people if they want to build any small thing for their home. The blog features multiple articles on how to make your own DIY furniture, woodworking tutorials, plans, and much more. It also helps you replicate designs of expensive furniture and make them yourself at home, thus, saving money. When she is not writing soulful songs or running after her children, she is blogging about woodworking DIYs.

Jen taught herself the art of furniture making and shares all her woodworking secrets and tips in the blog. The blog is devoted to DIY routines and shares wonderful videos of furniture crafting. Filled with wit and humor, this blog publishes 2 posts per week.

The English Woodworker — This blog is run by United Kingdom-based woodworking enthusiasts and bloggers. Sharing several entertaining videos, this blog is the best place for you to learn all about hand planning, tool set up and much more on woodworking techniques. From stairways to boats, they make everything. The blog publishes 2 posts a year. Port Townsend School of Woodworking — This blog site provides extensive hands-on training experience on the art of furniture crafting and woodworking through their intensive weekend classes, one week or two weeks or twelve-week programs.

They teach cabinetmaking, woodturning, furniture crafting, traditional wood carving, on hand tool usage, woodcrafts, etc. It shares 1 post a month.

The Unplugged Woodshop Toronto — This Canada based blog is a powerhouse of resources on furniture making, DIY projects, video tutorials, inspirations, and more. The blog tells you that woodworking is an art form that requires you to love the craft from the bottom of your heart. The blog publishes 3 posts a week. Miller is a multi-talented, woodworking is just one of them.

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