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Complete part list. Then try another computer. Repeat Step A for the other two wheel sets on the bottom row. Google Play App Store. Repeat the steps in 1. If all wheels mavhine too loose then loosen the M5-Nylon-Nuts slightly, clamp the top row of wheels and workbee cnc router machine volume row of wheels towards each other and wodkbee assistance from another person tighten the M5-Nylon-Nuts while clamping the rows of wheels. Once in position, tighten the screws on the Flexible-Coupler, making sure one is on the flat portion of the motor shaft.

Include Driver Board? Include 24V Power Supply Bundle? Include Router? Include Dust Shoe? Include Additional Software? Current Stock:. Frequently bought together:. Select all Add selected to cart. Description Description. It's a great machine and we're sure you will love it!

Travel Work Area. Workable Material Height. Drive System:. Lead Screw Driven. Machine Accuracy. Bundle Contents. Includes all the necessary Parts to assemble your machine. Complete part list. C-Beam Linear Rail. Workbee Plate Set. Xtreme Solid V Wheel. Wiring Kit. Assembly Function Of Cnc Router Machine Volume Hardware.

Motion Control. Dust Shoe. OpenBuilds CAM. Cast Acrylic. Non Ferrous Metals. Easy follow along assembly video — top notch awesome community support — open source files and documentation and examples. Add to Cart. Choose Options. It comes in a variety of hues, is a This is the overall machine volume.

This is equal to the minimum physical space which is needed. Machine Size Working Area X x Ymm Spoilerboard Size X x Ymm Footprint X x Ymm Overall Machine Volume X x Y x Zmm x mm Screw Drive x mm x mm x mm x x mm x mm Screw Drive x mm x mm x mm x x mm x mm Screw Drive x mm x mm x mm x x mm x mm Screw Drive x mm x mm x mm x x mm x mm Screw Drive x mm x mm x mm x x mm x mm Screw Drive x mm x mm x mm x x mm.

Obsolete WorkBee Sizes. Add Comment. I have are question what is maximum thickens of material go into machine? Hi Mitja, Maximum depth you can cut the whole way through is 47mm.

Maximum material thick is 94mm. Load more comments.

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