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Needing some kind of dust control for the workshop I put together a basic air filter using a cheap fan and a couple of air filters. Has a remote control and hooks for hanging. Your decision will probably boil down to brand preference or workshop air filtration system co. ltd price. It has a similar remote control to the others and has timer settings for 1, 2, or 4 hours. This is most common in woodworking shops where large amounts of sawdust and woodchips are released into the air as we work.

Easy Set Up The unit incorporates air filters that the user can change and maintain as required. User Speed Controllable allowing for trickle and boost settings. Applications The Workshop Air Filtration System offers a complete solution for the filtration of fine air-borne dust particles cutting and sanding processes common in domestic and commercial workshops by utilising PM10 and PM2.

Activated Carbon Filters Optional Activated Carbon Filters can remove odours and organic gases such as VOCs to a high efficiency, but can still be overwhelmed Workshop Air Filtration Placement Zip where high concentrations of odours and fumes are present. We developed the Ventilation Tool Box originally for our sales engineers, and now we have made it available for Our customers include car body shops, The EN test Die Cut Air Filter Media Jul Synthetic, Glass and Polyfoam Air filter medias are manufactured in jumbo rolls typically - 2x20m, or 1x20m which can then be cut to size to suit the application.

For large pads, short runs or where I am basically doing the same thing but with a squirrel cage fan taken from an older central air conditioning system.

And I as well am using air conditioning filters to help keep the shop air filtered. My only issue with your video is, how can you have all those power tools and not a table saw? Most of the time, a table saw is the first power tool woodworkers buy. Just wondering. Nice project though. Thumb up! It works really well with a sled but I never got the fence quite right so I tend to cut sheets in other ways. Introduction: Workshop Air Filter.

By ArthurGuy Follow. More by the author:. About: Developer, Programmer, Engineer and fan of all things Electronic. More About ArthurGuy ยป. This means that the overall depth of the unit can be a lot less. The original fan controls were retained so they could be mounted into the case. The buttons from the fan are mounted in the side of the case so it can be easily operated. Fine cuts wood, laminates and plastics. For ferrous and non-ferrous metals and plastics. Sabre Saw Blades. Cutting wood and construction boards.

For construction wood, nonferrous metals and plastics. For metal sheets, pipes and profiles. Cutting bricks and porous concrete. Blades for multipurpose saws. Universal arbor. Arbor for Festool, Fein. Arbor StarLock. Blades for Scroll Saws. Bandsaw Blades. Roundover Cutter Heads. Chamfer Cutter Heads. Joint Cutter Heads. Universal Cutter Heads. HW standard carbide knives. Double-edged beveled. HW special carbide knives. Cutter head accessories, knives and HM standard carbide knives.

Straight Router Bits. Rabbeting Router Bits. Roundover Router Wood Workshop Air Filtration System 70 Bits. Chamfer Router Bits. Dovetail Router Bits. Round Nose Router Bits. Glue Joint Router Bits. Wainscot Panelling Router Bits. Window Sash Bit Set. Kitchen Router Bit Sets. Profile Decorative Router Bits. Straight Router Bits with Reversible Knives. Rabbeting Bits with Reversible Knives. Roundover Bits with Reversible Knives. Chamfer Bits with Reversible Knives. Spiral Router Cutters. Spiral Flush Trim Bit.

Diamond Straight Router Cutters. Diamond Flush Trim Bits. Router Bit Accessories. Collet chucks and adapters. Dowel Drills for Mafell. Drills for Domino Festool. Drills with quick change shank. Multi-purpose Holesaws. Bi-Metal Holesaws. Diamond Dry Holesaws. Center Drills and Accessories for Holesaws. Dowel Drills.

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