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Ross Trethewey explains how air filtration systems work and how to build a localized DIY air filter.  Homeowners cannot just install a MERV 16 or HEPA filter into their homes. In many circumstances, the HVAC systems homeowners have in place simply aren’t strong enough to handle higher-rated filters, as the more filtration the air has to go through, the more resistance it has to overcome. Even if you were to get a thicker filter that increases surface area, meaning less resistance, you’ll have to check if your HVAC system has enough space to install a thicker filter. Check with an HVAC technician to check what rating your system can handle. Steps for Building a DIY Air Filter: If you are unable. Simple Air Filtration System for your Workshop and Garage Dust Collection Just like many workshops, I constantly have airborne Mobile Air Cleaner Cart -   How To Build A DIY Wood Shop Air Filter In this video I show you a very simple way to build a DIY workshop air filtration system to Workshop Fan/Filter Made with the NewAir WindPro18W. Те, кто занимается в своей мастерской столяркой, знают насколько бывает пыльно при работе. Особенно при шлифовке, фрезеровании, работе с лаком, да и распиловке тоже. Вопрос удаления средней и крупной стружки решается с помощью стружкоотсоса, который я соорудил из пылесоса и литровой жестяной емкости для краски. А вот с мелкой пылью, висящей в воздухе и «тумана» после лакировки, до сего момента бороться не получалось. Респираторы спасали мало Наконец-то, намучившись с пылью, решил сделать фильтрацию для своей домашней мастерской, ибо покупать, например, JETовский воздушный фильтр за 30 тыс.

After building my new shop I soon realized that it was really hard to breathe with all the dust I was making. This is what I came up with. Workshop air filtration system diy tablet is essentially just a wooden box with a blower motor sucking dirty ai through a set of filters and blowing out fresh clean air.

I used a hand held circular saw to cross cut the pieces to rough size, then finished them off on the table saw. I like this Workshop Air Filtration System Reviews In method because it allows me to break down the pieces to a more manageable size before ripping them to final dimensions on the table saw. Now that you have all of your pieces cut, it is time to cut out the the circle for the blower fan, cut out aif bottom section, and cut out the square dij front air register.

You can use any tool you have available that can cut through wood systdm I used my trusty Black and Decker Matrix with the jig saw attachment. Now it is time to assemble the wooden box. The construction of the box is very simple, I used glue and brad nails to attach the pieces together.

Reference the plans and the video above for details on how I do this and hopefully it helps you figure out how to assemble yours. The filters that I used for this air cleaner measure 16"x20"x1" so I designed my air cleaner to accommodate this size filter.

I measure and mark the locations of the filter frames and attach the strips with wood glue and brad nails.

Once I have all the frames attached, I then attach the bottom of the box. This piece has a large square workshop air filtration system diy tablet out that holds the filters in place but also allows full airflow through the filters. Now that most of the box is assembled it is very important to make sure that the intake portion of the box is air tight. Any type of sealant will work for this but worksjop must not skip this step.

It is vital that all workshop air filtration system diy tablet being blown out of the discharge of your air cleaner passes through the filters first. If you have gaps or leaks dyi your box air and dust will get sucked in and re-circulate back into your space. Attach the front piece with the 8"x8" square cut out of the center to the box using some more wood glue and brad nails.

Insert the air woorkshop into the 8"x8" opening and use the 2 screws that are provided with the register. Not much left to do except popping in the two filters and installing the air cleaner somewhere in your shop.

I hung mine on the ceiling right workshop air filtration system diy tablet my miter saw because that is where the most sawdust is generated in my shop. I have had mine running for a few weeks now and I have to say that having an Air Cleaner makes a huge difference in the air quality in my shop.

I am very glad that I filtrarion the few hours it took me to build this project. How long does this take to clean your shop air after a sawing session? Matthias Wandel built something similar larger a while back, but his shop is much larger than mine so I'm filtrtion sure yet how much power I'll need. Reply 4 years ago. Hey there, thanks for reading riltration Instructable and for your comment! The blower motor that I used states that it provides cfm of air flow so in a perfect world at that rate it should be able to clean all the air in my shop in less than 5 minutes.

That would be a bit of an exaggeration though because 1. I don't think that it actually does provide cfm more like cfm and 2.

Once the filters get caked with sawdust, syxtem restrict the air flow quite a bit. I think that with my setup aiir with clogged filters it recirculates more like cfm.

I mounted mine pretty centrally and near my biggest sawdust maker my miter table and I run it continuously while working. I notice that after about sorkshop to15 minutes the air is dust free. I leave it on sometimes over night and I come back in to my shop the next day to a fresh clean air shop. Matthais mounted his air cleaner s workshop air filtration system diy tablet the corner of his shop which I think is a lot less effective.

Hope this syste, Matthias has some gadget for measuring airborne particulates, and I don't, so your numbers are very helpful. I think our spaces are similar, ,though I'm just in a one-car garage. Once I found sawdust is a carcinogen yes, really I always wear a mask while working, but filtration still workshhop a lot of sense.

Tabet, finishing, welding, general repairs, etcetera, etcetera, they all occur in the same space. More by the author:. My favorite people in the world are my wife Bouavon, and my two beautiful sons Blaise and Dhylon.

I am extremely creative and I am filtratoin Workshop air filtration system diy tablet About socialwoodworks ».

At this point you should also install your blower fan and make sure that you seal that as well. Now you are almost done. There are workshop air filtration system diy tablet a few steps left. Thank you so much if you made workshop air filtration system diy tablet tanlet far. If you have any questions at all please leave a comment. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Incredible Wooden Spirals by rschoenm in Woodworking.

Telescope Setting Circles by instgct in Science. Drywall Table by Mike Muldoon in Furniture. Reply Upvote. Looks like something that would workshop air filtration system diy tablet alot! What was the cost of all components in a rough estimation? How often do you change the filters? ThatGuyDuncan 4 years ago. ThatGuyDuncan socialwoodworks Reply 4 years ago.

The Shop Hacks Ultimate DIY Air Filtration SystemPlans and Hardware. Plans $ (optional) Pro Hardware Kit $ This system outperformed 10 other systems by a wide margin. Click the link below to download the test results. shop_hacks_air_filtration_system_shootout_tests_and_www.Woodworking Air Cleaner Not only would it clean the air, but it would also help to keep the shop itself cleaner, by catching the dust before it settles. The easiest way to make a low cost air cleaner is to just use a cheap box fan with a furnace air filter attached in some way to the inlet side. Needing some kind of dust control for the workshop I put together a basic air filter using a cheap fan and a couple of air filters. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Step 1: The Fan. The fan came from a cheap Argos pedestal fan. The fan blade sits quite some distance away from the motor body so I shortened the length of the shaft by moving.

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