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These stoves are ideal way to heat your workshop for free and dispose of wood waste products at the same time. Currently unavailable. The Hunt Scene Fireball. Heta inspire 45 ex display condition workshop wood burner uk income manufacture warranty nominal output 4. Wood burning stove Musselburgh, East Lothian. Brand: Giga-Gaas. Delivery or pickup can be arranged fro.

Collection available and can deliver locally. Feel free to visit our website to see more of our products. This log burner is in decent condition as seen in the pictures.

We are open usual business hours to the public, feel free to come in and check out what we ha. Brand new, still in the box Orion Log Burner. This item is large and heavy and will need to be removed from site by the purchaser. Various fire pits. The ads here so still available Open to offers. Brand new, still in box Fire pit. Repurposed 47kg gas bottle to Log burner fire pit. Rustins high heat black paint unused.

Black high heat paint. Free Logs. A mixture of softwood and hardwood logs. These are mainly trunk sections from a 60' Leylandii cut in June , and make up the majority of the bundle. There are also some trunk sections from a Eucalyptus tree cut in I no longe.

Large bag off cut fire wood , Wood will be boxed up on collection Bartley green area b Logs for sale all cut up good amount buyer Home Wood Workshop Tools collects mostvlogs are driedvout ideal woodburner.

Ads posted, Thursday 18th March This ad is Featured 2 images. This ad is Featured 6 images. These workshop stoves are excellent value for money and workshops tend to be quite big. I wouldn't recommend picking a stove that is too small for the space as you will either not feel like it's getting hot enough, or you will be tempted to run the stove too hot and so run the risk of damaging it or reducing its lifespan.

We're here to help you pick the right size, do just give us a call. For detailed search use Wood Workshop Melbourne Kitchen our Advanced Search. Boba Fett Wood Burner. Eddie the Head Wood Burner. The Eddie Ice Bucket. Jurassic Park Fire Pit. Dragon Ice Bucket. The Hammer Wood Workshop Planner Library of Thor Wood Burner. The Death Star Wood Burner mm. Death Star Wood Burner mm. Freddy Krueger Wood Burner. Predator Wood Burner. Storm Trooper Wood Burner. The Millennium Falcon Wood Burner. R2D2 Wood Burner. The BB8 Wood Burner. The Mandalorian Skull Wood Burner.

The Batman Wood Burner. The Hunt Scene Fireball.

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