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Turning can become very expensive so picking the correct lathe will start you in the right direction. Will December 15, at am. Start low! Thoughts : For those who need to separate nails, nuts, bolts, or other small items. Joe Kelsall. I was considering using the base only from my old HF lathe but not sure if it will be too high. My HF 12 x 34 lathe is on it's stand and then the stand is on a 2x4 frame with casters which raises it another 4 or 5 inches.
Nov 18,  · WORKZONE MINI LATHE. Never used believe all parts present pick up only any Questions please ask Condition is "Used". Mar 14,  · Throughout the year, Aldi stocks a rotating selection of tools and work accessories under the WORKZONE private label. These are ALDI Finds, which means they’re limited-run items, and once they’re gone, they’re gone, at least until the next time they come Exotic Wood Veneer South Africa seems to run WORKZONE products at sporadic intervals, so there will be times when several WORKZONE items are in store and. Jan 20,  · My wood platforms only have outside support so I get a bit of bounce while standing in the center. The doc who worked on my back in 89 was the one who told me to raise my lathe and use platforms. He said he worked on me for more than five hours.

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