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The owner, Jiries Giacaman, tells me there is no better wood for a cutting board than olive wood. What you see is what you get. I identify as an Episcopalian agnostic, leaning toward all-out atheist. Our wooden products We create a lot of different objects in olive wood and we also sell olive oil and soap made with oil. Please try again later. We are also very proud to show you our special wooden pens. Submit your creation.

DESCRIPTION Yannis olive wood workshop is placed on the main road that goes from Corfu town to Paleokastritsa, exactly at the 14th km Corfu-Paleokastritsa. Since Yannis, a local Corfiot who loves his job, has started his own production of marvellous kitchen tools, toys and different kinds of objects all made by Woodwork Workshop Safety Network carving local olive wood. x x Inches Add to wishlist. Add to cart. Quick view%. Compare Olive Wood Tiled Nativity Sets%. Compare Close. Olive Yannis Olive Wood Workshop Korea Wood Nativity Set (OWNS ) Shop 0 Wishlist 0 items Cart My account Search Menu; Categories; Olive Wood; Jewelry; Mother of Pearl. The Staub Olivewood tool collection is a perfect complement to the extensive range of enameled cast iron and ceramic cookware that is beloved by chefs worldwide. Each spatula is hand sculpted Home Wood Workshop Tools from a single piece of sustainable olive wood. Due to the natural variations in wood grain, no two tools are alike - each one is Exotic Wood Veneer South Africa s:

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