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Permanent plan preservation. Resin Casting. But you did not explain the dogs or whatever you call them. Zyliss Portable Bench Vise. Use a straightedge to ensure the face insyallation the jaw is flush with the edge of the bench. Vaughan 12 oz.

But you did not explain the dogs or whatever you call them. What are they what made of, how to install them ,what spacing etc.

When I made a clamping desk I went looking for bench dogs and found a few different types on Ebay, Amazon and hardware suppliers. I would imagine that it's down to your own taste or maybe set up more than 2 on the vice for what ever project you are doing, another idea is to put a block between the jaws to carry dogs for a particular project.

Dogs are the pins that keep the wood or whatever from shifting as you close and tighten the vise. They are done in pairs as he has done here. The spacing is usually about 6" per pair for as long a surface you need. My table is 6 feet long so there are nine pair. This size works perfect for me. They fit very snug into the holes I drilled so there will not be any tilting or binding of the board being clamped.

I built one of these myself a couple years ago. I used 2" oak for the faces. I got my vise at Grizzly. Look up part number H and it was the best price of any other location I found at the time. Introduction: Cabinet Maker's Vise Installation. By djpolymath Follow. Use a straightedge to ensure the face of the jaw is flush with the edge of the bench.

Make the front cheek, and attach it with washers and roundhead woodscrews, reassemble the vise, and turn the benchtop over. Hand-plane the cheeks flush with the benchtop Photo H. My bench had radiused edges, so I chiseled away the sharp point at the corner of the cheek. Finally, apply a couple of coats of wipe-on finish to all raw wood surfaces. Craig Bentzley has been restoring antiques and building furniture for nearly 40 years. In addition to writing, Craig also teaches at guilds, woodworking shows, and at Woodcraft stores.

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Purchase Here. Login to Add to Toolbox. Reader Reviews A monster of a vise Reviewed by: rallin Very heavy about 35 lbs , very well made it operates so smoothly , great woodworkers vise. A little high priced but I think it was well worth the extra cash. The only thing I added was some maple jaw pads and the mounting bolts. Detailed Ratings 4. More Vises All Vises. Rockwell Bench Jaws. Central Forge Articulated Vacuum Vise.

Zyliss Portable Bench Vise.

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