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Bench vises are quite obviously, vises that attach directly to your workbench and hold the workpiece, keeping your hands free to drill, file, sand or plane the piece. The design of this buttress thread allows for tighter clamping. A bench vise is not only useful in DIY or fabrication projects, it is also useful for many other uses. Does not come with instructions Does not come with pre-drilled holes for installation. The Yost LV cannot be lauded enough. This vise has a unique design whereby its outer jaw can pivot 10 degrees to Wilton 7 Woodworking Vise Uk either side, thus allowing you to apply even pressure on irregular surfaces. Heavy-duty projects typically require jaw widths ranging between 8 and 10 inches.

At Yost Vises we have been producing high quality vises since We carry several types and sizes of bench vises, including industrial grade bench vises, professional grade bench vises designed for mechanics and other tradesman, stainless steel vises, multi-function vises, light-duty vises and welding vises. Oct 15,  · Yost’s heavy-duty ductile iron woodworker’s vises are unequaled in quality and stood the test of time since Yost’s establishment in Solid steel dogs in the front jaws, when used in conjunction with a bench stop, allows oversize work to be held securely on the Woodriver Woodworking Vise Formula bench top/5. While planning to build Woodworking Bench Vise Repair 3d my DIY woodworking workbench, I scoured Amazon for the best vise I could afford and came across the 10″ Yost woodworking Exotic Wood Veneer South Africa ing for about $65, it had the best reviews on Amazon, scoring out of 5 stars.. I read through the comments Fine Woodworking Bench Vise Reviews 2019 and questions before hitting that “Add to Cart” button.

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