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Once all the dowels are started into their holes, I used long pipe clamps to help me push everything together really tight and to help make it nice and square.

Once the glue was dry, I gave the corners a good sanding to get rid of any leftover glue from squeeze out, then put a Roman Ogee router bit into my router and went along the outside edges to give it a little decorative detail. This is totally optional. You can leave your edges plain and square OR use something else besides the Roman Ogee. But side note: when routing edges like this along the outside, go counterclockwise. For more information on routers and how to use them, check out this router guide.

If you think of this print as a sandwich, it would go glass in front, mat board and print in the middle, and backer board on the back side. For this, I used a rabbeting bit in my router. NOTE: route the inside edges here clockwise. The thing about rabbeting bits is that they makes rounded corners. So I used a chisel and carefully squared my corners.

OR, in hindsight, you could route these rabbets prior to assembling to avoid having to use a chisel here. Now the frame itself is finished except for actual finishing—paint, stain, poly. I polyed mine with three coats of Polycrylic.

While it was drying, I cut the mat board. That little snippet of code is exactly what I was looking for to make YouTube videos fit onto my web page proportionately! Eddie Apr 01, Worked for me, thanks dude! Ben Mar 29, Thank you this was quick and easy! Jo Mar 20, Thanks so much! Helped me out! Thanks again! Jonathan Feb 27, Fantastic. Easily the best solution I've found. Ant Feb 08, Dude it worked! Nice, thanks a bunch bud.

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