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Discuss this material on the Woodcarving Illustrated forums. Quick View Item 05C Carving Gouges. General Carving Knife. Here are some guidelines. Filter Results. While intermediate tools are versatile, the handles are not as comfortable for me because I have Wood Carving Hand Chisel Tool Set Model long fingers and large hands.

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An email has been sent. Please check your inbox. Yes, take me to Lee Valley Canada Cancel. To determine the size of a gouge, measure across its widest part. Note that many gouges are measured in metric units not inches. The sweep is the curve of the gouge. There are two general systems to identify the sweep, but there are also variations between manufacturers.

Because many gouges are shaped or finished by hand, there can be subtle variations even among the same manufacturer. Regardless of the identification system, the lower the sweep number is, the more shallow the curve of the gouge is.

In general, sweeps that range from 2 to 4 are considered shallow gouges, 5 to 7 are medium gouges, and 8 to 9 are deep gouges. Generally, 10 and 11 gouges are the U-shaped gouges, which are also called veiners. These are the deepest gouges. Gouge Handles and Shafts. Gouges also come in several different handle configurations.

Straight handles and palm handles are intended to be used with just your hands. These tools typically have shorter Hand Wood Carving Tool Set Yellow handles and shafts than do other gouges, which make them more comfortable to use with a single hand, as on a hand-held carving. The shape of these tools is a personal preference; I have and use both. The next larger handles are called intermediate tools. These gouges have longer handles and shafts than do palm tools, so they are large enough to use with two hands or with a mallet but are still comfortable to use with one hand on a hand-held carving.

While intermediate tools are versatile, the handles are not as comfortable for me because I have long fingers and large hands. Full-size tools have the longest and largest handles and shafts.

They are designed to be used with two hands or with a mallet on a carving clamped to a bench. As the size of the tool increases, so does the power required to force it through the wood. Therefore, large tools remove wood quickly, but are not useful for smaller carvings because they will break the blank. Choosing Gouges. For your beginning kit, I suggest buying a smaller and a larger gouge in each general sweep category shallow, medium, deep, and veiners.

The exact sweep is not critical; if an author suggests using a 5 gouge, you can often substitute a 4 or a 6. The size depends on the kind of carving you plan to do. Our selection of wood carving hand tools are made from the highest quality tool steel and tempered to hold their edge for hours. Tools can be purchased either in kits or individually.

Buying in kits or sets often save you money. Beginners can get help in choosing the right tools by seeing our guide to understanding woodcarving tools. Carving consists of using either hand or power tools to shape or sculpt a block of wood. Carvers use a variety of wood carving supplies. Carvers will find that Basswood is light in weight and therefore carves easily with properly sharpened tools. Your wishlist is empty.

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