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A quick look at the best bench wood lathe online on this product also reveals that Grizzly offer fantastic customer service and fast delivery with reliably outsourced companies. We wanted to keep a midi lathe as our first pick because of its more significant consumer base — you are less likely to use a mini or full-sized lathe. You will have to select one of our recommendations, and this guide will help you do just woodd The final recommendation on our list today is a budget-friendly bench-top wood wod. If you are looking for a portable, lightweight wood lathe to keep on a desk or bench, you should go for the W

Despite the drastically different price points, though, the Delta Industrial is not all that different from the Jet selection mentioned above. In fact, this may be the cheapest offering, but you could argue that it stands the best chance against the Jet JWLVS Both models provide continuous speed control with three pulley-speed ranges for better results at any level. The Delta also offers a forward and reverse switch for precise finishes on every single project.

All this comes alongside a patented belt-tensioning system for quicker speed changes and a cast iron construction for longer life. When you consider the price difference between this and our first model, you could argue that this cheaper option is a no-brainer. And, it certainly gives those high-end lathes a run for their money. In few other cheap models will you find such precision controls and adaptability to suit projects of any size you could imagine.

The most iconic thing to note about this lathe is the fact that it comes complete with its own stand. The sleek stand and portable design of this lathe mean that you can fit it into your garage or shed space with ease. This design also has a versatile eight-speed range, as well as a powerful motor and a vast array of accessories, such as extendable beds.

Features like the swivel head functionality and addition of accessories ensure that this model can grow as your woodworking skills do.

And, as mentioned, the easy stand and set up ensure that you can get started even without a significant woodworking space. Bear in mind, though, that the accessories for this option are pretty pricey in themselves.

The Grizzly G is another lathe offering which comes complete with its own stand. In fact, the cast iron legs on this option make it an even sturdier-looking choice than the more expensive Nova. This is certainly a set up which should more than stand the test of time.

Even better, this is again a lathe which is ready to go on arrival, no matter the size of your set up. You could say, then, that it is a durable lathe indeed, literally ready and waiting to tackle whatever you throw at it. And, it does all this with a pretty respectable price tag. A quick look at the reviews on this product also reveals that Grizzly offer fantastic customer service and fast delivery with reliably outsourced companies.

Not to mention that many users claim the motor and spindles on a model like this will run as good as new even years down the line. The Shop Fox W again comes complete with cast iron legs. In fact, this offering looks a lot like the Grizzly G at a glance. The two models even share a digital readout.

But, the Shop Fox certainly has plenty of its own to boast, especially when you consider the affordability of this option. This ensures easy adjustments for projects of any type and size, while the outboard turning capabilities mean that you can even work on larger pieces.

The only real compromise which you face with this lathe is the fact that it has a shorter warranty than most at two years. Admittedly, a closer look at reviews for this product reveals that it may not be best for professional or hardcore woodworkers, as could already be deduced from its affordability.

When it comes to picking out a benchtop lathe for your shop, there are a few critical features to evaluate as you make a decision. Here are some of the top things to consider before making a choice.

Once you have all these parameters planned out, simply look for wood lathes that meet your criteria. As most of those items indicate — knowing the type of projects you plan to do will help you make a decision. If you are doing simple projects — like turning small bowls, a smaller lathe will do. More complicated projects may require more features from your lathe. If you ask a professional wood craftsman today, they will most likely tell you that they cannot even imagine a woodwork shop sans one of these machines.

There are a plethora of wood lathes available in the market, and it can be challenging to find the best option. We have used each of these 13 wood lathes extensively for a range of projects to get firsthand experience and identify the pros and cons of each of them. We are starting our recommendations list with the most powerful and easy-to-use lathe of its class.

We wanted to keep a midi lathe as our first pick because of its more significant consumer base — you are less likely to use a mini or full-sized lathe. And when it comes to midi lathes, few machines come close to the KWLVS in terms of functionality and powerful performance.

It features a powerful 1hp motor that has variable speed VHZ. We especially liked its digital readout as it allowed us to monitor and work at precise speeds. This version of a wood lathe is portable, reasonable, and can be used only for turning small pieces of wood. Our first bench-top lathe recommendation on this list is the impressive W from Shop Fox.

If you are looking for a portable, lightweight wood lathe to keep on a desk or bench, you should go for the W The variable speed ranges from to 3, RPM. You can rest assured that this machine will excel at turning pens, rings, and small bowls. We especially liked the thoughtful inclusion of a 5. It allows you to turn objects like bowls that cannot get the support of the tailstock. After reviewing a midi lathe and a bench-top lathe, it is time to talk about a full-size commercial lathe.

When it comes to the big leagues, professional woodturners are ready to pay extra dollars but will not compromise on quality. Powermatic understands that and offers one of the best full-size lathes in model B. First of all, you will not find a more powerful lathe easily; this beast of a machine from Powermatic features a two hp motor.

With a center-to-center distance of 36 inches, you can rest assured that this lathe can tackle even massive projects.

We especially liked its wing capacity — 17 inches over tool rest and 20 inches over the bed. It comes equipped with a digital readout, so you always know the exact speed of turning. Going back to the other end of the spectrum, our next pick is an exceptional mini lathe from the reputed brand of RIKON.

So, it is apparent that we had to include this machine in our list — it allows you to do more while occupying less space. One of the critical aspects of woodturning is the speed — you need different speeds for different kinds sizes of projects. We especially liked the unique indexing head that comes with 12 positions.

It allows you to lock the workpiece in several positions for better accuracy of detailed work like layouts, grooving, drilling, straight fluting, and so on.

If you want a versatile wood lathe that can help you accomplish a wide range of woodturning goals, you should get the VSK from Jet. It is a premium product that commands a high price and is accordingly packed with many features that the majority of its competitors do not offer.

The sliding headstock is perhaps the first thing you will notice about this wood lathe. It pivots a full degrees and locks in seven different angles — 0, 30, 60, 90, , , and degrees. This enhanced range of headstock positions coupled with its variable speed settings, ranging from to 3, RPM, provides optimal user convenience. A special mention goes to its optional extension bed that can be attached in three different positions and used to extend the center-to-center distance up to a massive 60 inches!

The T Bench-top Wood Lathe from WEN comes with a flat wrench, two hex wrenches — 3mm and 5mm, an accessory holder, a knockout rod, a headstock spur center, and a tailstock cup center. Unlike the majority of midi and full-size lathes that offer continuous speed control, the WEN T lathe offers five discrete speed settings — , , , , and RPM.

We especially liked the thoughtful inclusion of a 3. You will not have to worry about power capabilities with this machine as its 4. Also, its durable build and plus pound frame ensure that there is no wobbling or vibration during operation.

Perhaps the best midi lathe on this list, this product from Delta certainly deserves considerable praise. It comes with a knockout bar, tool rest base, wrenches, live center, chrome 3-inch face plate, manual, and inch and 6-inch tool rest. You should know right off the bat that the Industrial Variable Speed Midi Lathe from Delta is perfect for professional woodworkers.

Although it is a midi lathe, you can efficiently complete some heavy-duty projects with this powerful machine. Beginners should preferably get accustomed to using a mini lathe before switching to this machine.

A 1hp motor powers it. Having the most significant swing capacity in its class We especially liked how the required speeds can be selected without changing the belt position, thanks to its three pulley-speed ranges. You will not have to worry about inaccuracy while using this lathe, as it has both forward and reverse functions.

Its unique three-step pulley system offers various speed ranges without compromising the flexibility. A mini lathe that can compete with the stability and power of its larger alternatives? You read that right — the Comet II from Nova offers some unique features that make it a must-have. First of all, it has an excellent speed range of to 4, RPM.

And to top that, it comes with a point index function. Having a solid cast-iron build, this machine stands the test of time by quickly absorbing standard vibrations. And its self-ejecting tailstock saves your time. Its swing capacity is 12 inches, and spindle capacity is The next wood lathe on this list of recommendations is the bigger version of a mini lathe that made the top five. Compared to its smaller version, this midi lathe packs in double the power with a one hp motor.

Its swing capacity of It is not just the motor that is twice as good as its mini version. It features an impressive position index head, which offers unbelievable accuracy for creating patterns and designs. We especially liked its dual functions of forward as well as reverse turning. You need not worry about the turning speed as it offers electronic variable speeds ranging from to 3, RPM.

We have already recommended a full-size lathe from Jet, and now it is time for the best bench-top lathe that comes with the same brand name. The first thing we noticed while installing the VS is its weight — at pounds, it is one of the most massive bench-top lathes out there.

Thankfully, our bench is very sturdy and could easily withstand it, but you might want to look into that before getting this machine. What helps this lathe be a notch above its peers is its exceptional variable speed range.

You can select a speed as low as 60 RPM and as high as 3, RPM, which is something you will not see with any other recommendation of ours!

We are down to the last three recommendations, and it is time to introduce the most expensive and most potent full-size wood lathe on this list. Spending close to three thousand bucks on a wood lathe is not a matter of joke! But if you are willing to spend that much, we can assure you that from Laguna is your best bet. It features a powerful two hp, volt electric motor. With Best Benchtop Wood Lathes Open a swing capacity of 32 inches and a If you are looking for a low-budget machine sans compromised quality, you should look at the H Bench-Top Lathe from Grizzly.

It is the ideal machine for anybody who is just getting into woodturning. Professionals and experts can keep it only as a standby machine. We especially liked the five discrete speed settings of this lathe — , , , , and RPM. It offers excellent spindle and swing capacity for its price. The only issue we had with this machine was that the motor got very hot after using it for an extended period. Also, the tailstock does not lock down as tightly as we would have liked.

However, these are minor snags that do not significantly affect the operational efficiency of this wood lathe. The final recommendation on our list today is a budget-friendly bench-top wood lathe.

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