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The saw comes with four legs that unfold from olaner bottom of the saw to create a base for working, but those legs fold back up to make a more compact shape that you can roll from job to job with the attached wheels. Others come with a beveled, alternating beveled or combination blades design that uses two or more designs. Vibration Powetmatic As you may spend hours working on or with that saw, 20 powermatic planer for sale 11 want one that comes with vibration protection. Learn More. Kreg Videos.

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The table measures inches by inches but comes with a wing that adds an extra inches by inches to your work area. Capable of working with both traditional blades and dado blades, this table saw also comes with a four-inch dust port that collects more of the dust you create to keep your area clearer.

SawStop offers a limited warranty of one year on this contractor table saw. Designed for use in most wood shops and contractor shops, this saw comes with a riving knife that you can use instead of the blade, and this knife has a unique design that significantly reduces both vibrations and the risk of kick backs.

The miter gauge lets you make adjustments quickly and comes with a plate for further adjustments. Powermatic designed this table saw with convenience in mind, especially when it comes to changing the blade or riving knife, which you can do without any special tools. Most of those changes take only minutes to make.

That convenience also applies to the start and stop push buttons and crank hand-wheel on the front. Made from cast iron that is completely level and smooth on top, this table saw also beveled edges with measurements clearly marked that help you make precise cuts.

An optional extension table covered in melamine gives you more work space too. A built-in extraction port helps suck up excess waste to clear off the table and your surrounding work area, and built-in hooks offer extra storage for your tools and other supplies.

It features a cast-iron cabinet that provides more than enough support for all your jobs. In addition to the large cutting area on the top of the cabinet, this saw also comes with wings that lift up to extend your work area and a fencing system that you can easily remove. This fence system also locks in place to prevent your boards or sheets from moving it. The hand-wheel on the front has a crank design for making easy adjustments.

Though it comes with a guard that protects the blade and keeps it away from your body, it also comes with a riving knife that you can use for making smaller or more intricate cuts without using the blade.

Shop Fox uses mounted trunnions inside to prevent kick backs and vibrations, and the manufacturer gives you a quick change blade system for easy removal and replacement of the blade. Get all the stability and security than you need when handling large plywood sheets with this Delta Inch Left Tilt Contractor Saw with Inch RH Rip, which comes with a tubular stand that keeps the saw stable when using it with any type of wood.

The saw comes with a rail system designed to keep your boards in place as you cut, and this system helps you make more precise cuts too. A single power button on the front helps you easily turn the blade on and off every time you use it. It also uses a split-guard design that lets you remove the guard system surrounding the blade to more easily replace that blade without the need for any specialized tools. As the blade lifts to the left, you can use this saw without your wood suffering damage as it rubs against the fencing.

The 15 amp motor is one of the strongest found on contractor table saws today. That motor helps the blade glide effortlessly through most wood types. If you spend less time in your shop and more time working in the field, you need a contractor table saw that you can take with you like this model from DEWALT. While durable and dependable enough for using in your shop, this table saw comes with a rolling stand that makes it easier to use this saw on the job site.

The saw comes with four legs that unfold from the bottom of the saw to create a base for working, but those legs fold back up to make a more compact shape that you can roll from job to job with the attached wheels. Though it may not look as strong as the table saw you use in your shop , it comes with a 15 amp motor that can cut through almost any type of hardwood and a The dust collection port, which measures 2.

For a contractor table saw that works just as well in the field as it does in the shop, this Inch Worksite Contractor Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Stand from Bosch delivers. Using the same saw both in the shop and in the field helps you learn exactly what to do when operating it and make standard cuts and pieces that will always work together.

This saw is so portable that you can literally grab it and store it in the bed of your truck or the trunk of your car. It comes with a simple stand that uses gravity to gently and slowly come up to the perfect height for working.

That stand comes with wheels for easily rolling and moving the saw as well as two standard legs that fold down to support the weight of the saw. This stand lets you fold down the saw for easy transportation between job sites. This Bosch saw, which comes with a limited one-year warranty, comes with a inch blade and can produce more than 3, revolutions per minute. It has a push stick design and comes with features like a smart guard system, miter gauge and rip fence.

With this Inch Contractor Saw from Makita, you can now make all the cuts you need to make without having a dedicated cabinet or table set aside. This table saw has a convenient and compact design that you can use with any base or table, but you can also use this saw right on the floor. It features a 15 amp motor that produces 4, revolutions per minute and a design that lets you switch between the riving knife and blade without any extra tools.

Guards located on both sides are adjustable and list measurements to help you know where and how to cut. A lever on the riving knife itself also adjusts into different positions based on the wood you use and how deep you need to cut into that wood.

Makita created an open design on this table saw that lets you actually keep an eye on both the blade and your wood. Thanks to the assembly on the blade guard, you can both easily protect your hands and also switch blades.

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