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Authenticity Guarantee. They have a load rating of lbs. Openn a load rating up to lbs. Almost gone. Top Sellers. Pegs provide positive grip on shop jigs. What do drawer-slide weight ratings mean?

Longer slides have more robust construction than shorter ones of the same rating. For example, an 18" slide rated for lbs will be stouter than a 16" slide with the same rating. A shorter slide has leverage to its advantage. With decisions made on type, extension, and weight rating, determine the right size slide for the project. MDF and other composite materials will not hold screws as well. Taking accurate measurements ensures you buy slides that work in your cabinet.

Follow these tips to make sure everything goes smoothly:. Slides come in lengths from 10" to 28". To determine the proper length, measure the interior depth of the cabinet behind the face frame, if there is one and choose a slide the next size shorter than that measurement. Because the thickness of drawer slides and the width of the drawer opening are fixed, best practice is to build the drawer box to fit the difference between the two after assembling the cabinet.

To use these in a 12"-wide drawer opening, build the drawer 11" wide. For frameless cabinets, just screw the cabinet profile to the cabinet side, parallel to the cabinet bottom. On face-frame cabinets, the front of the slide attaches to the face-frame stile, photo below. To align and secure the rear of the slide, manufacturers provide brackets and standoffs that fasten to either the side or back of the cabinet.

You can also create your own standoffs from wood scraps. Secure the front of the slide to the face frame. The bracket at the rear slides to reach the back of the cabinet.

Use the exact type of screw called for or provided by the manufacturer, as screwheads that stand too proud can prevent slides from moving smoothly. Many slides come with multiple holes and slots to allow fine-tuning drawer position and accommodate a variety of mounting options, photo below. Screw slots allow for adjusting drawer position in, out, up, and down. With the drawer properly positioned, drive screws into the holes to lock the slide in place. Also, handed slides must mount on a specific side, photo below ; unhanded slides mount on either side.

Know right from left. Slides that must be installed on a specific cabinet side viewed from the front of the cabinet have that designation stamped on them. Now that you know the options, simply consider all installation requirements and pick a slide that best suits the project.

Self-closing slides take the concept further and pull the drawer closed with just a gentle press on the drawer front. Touch-release slides do the opposite—with a touch, the drawer pops open; useful for sleek cabinets without pulls. Progressive movement slides provide a smooth glide because all segments move simultaneously, instead of having one segment reach the end of its travel before it begins pulling the next along. Detent and locking slides hold in a set position until pushed, preventing unintended movement—ideal for small appliance stands or cutting boards.

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