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Forged Hay Hook. The Ney Mfg. Their shapes and materials reflected the opulence of the era—think mirrored faces, gold accents, and geometric designs that mimicked the skyscrapers popping up in major cities at the time. Your questions and comments are always welcome and will be antique wood tools value 800 much appreciated. Blackstone Tractor Seat. Plastic was all the craze post-WWII, and RCA answered with sleek, colorful tube radios make of Bakelite and, later, other nonresin plastics, like this trio pictured. Olde Hope Antiques.

Antique Whiffle Trees. Brush Grubbing Claws. Large brush grubbing claws, great for pulling alders with the roots for clearing land, weighs 20 lbs.

New cant hook, 42" handle, Sold. Log Skidding Tongs. Antique heavy duty skidding tongs for 8" to 24" diameter logs with 11" swivel, it weighs about 30 lbs. Antique Track Door Rollers. One F. Ashland O. Cumings Sold to Farm Boy Grocery. Grain Cleaner Separator. Hand Crank Potato Separator. In West Bend Wisconsin, model Value Of Old Woodworking Tools For Mac 41, serial , complete with galvanized hopper and feed bag holder shoot.

All in good working condition, it was always stored inside. It has a flat belt pulley to Antique Wood Tools Value Online run off your tractor. Victor Potato Digger. Potato Picker. McCormick Deering. McCormick Deering International Harvester. It looks to be complete and in working condition, Sold. Vintage International Harvester. Potato Planter with Fertilizer. Sold to 4-H potato club. Massey Harris Antique Massey Harris Hay Cutter Sickle Mower. With a tractor tongue on it to pull with tractor. Oliver E Horse Drawn Walking Plow.

Needs new handles. Antique Horse drawn. Steel Handled Walking Plow. Horse Drawn Cultivator. Cockshutt Potato Hiller. Antique Hi-Wheel Cultivator. Antique Garden Seeder.

Antique Brass Harness Bells. Burlap Feed Bags. Sickle Mower Blade. Antique Brass Sleigh Bells. Antique Horse Shoes. Brass Sleigh or Carriage Bells. Antique brass sleigh or carriage bells, 12" wide by 13" high, 6 beautiful sounding bells, Sold. Antique Harness Bells. Bristol England 12" diameter bronze brass bell, it weighs about 55 lbs.

Horse Harness Tugs. Heavy duty set of nylon horse harness tugs or traces with D-rings. Horse Harness Hardware. Pony belly band with solid brass rings, Sold. Seed Drill Drag Chains. Antique Heel Chains. Antique church window wood shutter, it measures about 42" x 60",it has the nice barnwood weathered look, would make a nice headboard for a bed. Massey-Harris 16 Pacer Manual. Antique Tractor seats Antique cast iron tractor seats, Sold.

Stamford cast iron tractor seat, Sold. Antique Toolbox Seat Antique cast iron tractor seat with attached toolbox, it has embossed in the toolbox, weighs 20 lbs. Milkcan Tractor Seat Stool Antique 's milkcan with the drop down handles, has a welded bar across the top for bolting on the antique cast iron tractor seat that can be changed with other seats that we have.

Antique N. George Cutter Co. Pedlar Oshawa 7" wood sheave pulley, Sold. Louden sling rope snaps, patented Sept. Antique Dairy Cream Cans 1. Antique Cream Cans 1. Antique Dairy Cream Can 1. Dairy Cream Cans 1. Antique Wood Wagon Wheels Antique wood spoke wagon wheels, Wood Carving Tools And Accessories Value one measures about 52" and the other one is about 42" diameter, some broken wood on edge, Sold.

Antique Machine Flywheels 1. Antique Sythe Blades 1 Sythe brush blade, 17" long, Sold. Logging Cant Hooks 1. Antique Pick-A-Roons 1. Sling Unloader Beatty Bros. Fergus Can. Ashland Ohio, Patented Nov. Wood track trolley, Sold. London Ontario, wood track, Sold. Pedlar People Ltd. Ney Mfg. Buchanan's Deadlock Mitchell T. We are pleased you stopped by Antique Wood Tools Value 500 our website and hope you will enjoy your visit.

Our goal is to have you return to our site many times. Tools For Sale a. Books, Catalogs, and Manuals - Originals and reprints c. Disston Saws - Disston, and a few other brands too d. Leather Tools - Harness- and Saddle-makers tools g. Buying Format see all. All Listings. Best Offer. Buy It Now. Classified Ads. Item Location see all. US Only. North America. Delivery Options see all. Free International Shipping.

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