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Different band saw machines will work with different blades, so make sure you know what range of blades are compatible before you buy. I have a degree in mechanical engineering and together with my team, we use this medium to share our insights and recommendations with you. Bandsaw blades tend best band saw blade for cutting logs quick vary greatly in their build, including the differing sizes, TPI, and Kerf, making different blades best suited only for specific types of work. Skip to main content. He continues to blog and banv woodworking books at Lost Art Press. Some teeth have a different angle of inclination. Bandsaws tend to come in various sizes, ranging from small portable models to very large ones used for heavy-duty work.
Bi-metal band saw blades tend to retain cutting edges for a longer period and can improve the tool life up to times when compared to carbon steel blades. The downside is that bimetal blades are expensive. However, in the long run bimetal blade can be more cost-effective than carbon steel www.Small Wood Desk Ideas ted Reading Time: 7 mins. Band saw blade made from low-carbide steel to make for a durable cutting tool. Band saw blade 3/4" x /2", 3 TPI (teeth per inch). Durable, high-quality materials – silicon and low-carbide steel – used to make this blade. According to manufacturer, the blade is Ideal for re-sawing thick stock. May 10,  · My favorite blade configuration is the 3/8” TriMaster blade with a 3/4 variable tooth configuration. It’s smooth and quick. I order this blade from www.Small Wood Desk Ideas I’d rather put a $ blade on a solid used $ band saw than a $7 blade on a $3, Laguna.

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