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In addition to a motor to make the wood lathe turn, your tool features two points called the headstock, and the tailstock. Parts of a Wood Lathe Parts of a wood lathe. This makes it quite simple to work on any project, with any wood piece, and with any sized material, and get through it in no time. RedditchUnited Kingdom About Youtuber I am a self best wood lathe australia youtuber woodturner who has been a full time professional woodturner for 38 years. Here are links to several different sized wood lathe faceplates. Ideal for the hobbyist, this machine is powered by a 1-horsepower motor and boasts a maximum speed of 1, RPM.

The wood lathe faceplate can be one of the most secure ways to attach wood to the lathe. However, there are some precautions, also that need to be incorporated with a wood lathe faceplate.

What is a wood lathe faceplate? A wood lathe faceplate makes a secure mechanical attachment between a lathe and a wood bowl blank using screws. There are no moving parts within a wood lathe faceplate. The two components of a wood lathe faceplate are a threaded neck that attaches to the lathe headstock threads and a vertical plate with screw holes to attach the wood bowl blank. A wood lathe faceplate works well and makes a good connection because it is a straightforward and sturdy piece of equipment.

There are a variety of different sized and configured faceplates available. Faceplates are sized by two measurements, the size of the headstock threads and the overall diameter of the faceplate itself. It might seem this simple device is foolproof and problem-free in its use, but that is not the case.

Seemingly simple errors or oversights when using a wood lathe faceplate can result in frustration, rough surfaces, and worse. An undersized wood lathe faceplate can be inadequate and not correctly support the wood bowl blank at hand.

A good rule of thumb for sizing a wood lathe faceplate is to use a faceplate about one third the diameter of the bowl blank. If the faceplate is too small, the bowl blank may flex slightly or severely when the lathe is brought up to speed.

A vibrating surface makes smooth bowl gouge cuts next to impossible. Severe vibration can possibly cause the wood bowl blank to make an unscheduled departure from the lathe. When in doubt, an oversized faceplate is a better way to go vs. Faceplates should be kept on hand to accommodate your specific wood bowl turning needs. Personally, I have many faceplates in various sizes from small to very large, with many in between.

I have a variety of faceplates to choose from in my recommended gear section, check out the various faceplate options. Perhaps because the headstock was previously locked when removing the faceplate or a chuck, we return to the headstock already locked. Instead, unlock the headstock, if it is locked, hold the bowl blank stationary and rotate the headstock with the hand wheel until the threads start on the faceplate. Continue turning the hand wheel to completely attach the faceplate. First, the weight and leverage of the bowl blank can quickly start a cross-threaded attachment.

By using the hand wheel with the left hand, we can easily sense if the threads are turning smooth or hanging up. This can leave a gap between the end of the faceplate and the shoulder of the headstock spindle. If this gap is left unchecked, the play in the threads will cause vibration in the turning bowl blank.

Think of it this way, the thread is not one-hundred percent attached to one another. If they were, it would be nearly impossible to thread them together. While the threads feel snug, there is plenty of extra room around the threading to allow for movement. The threads do aid in making a secure connection, but the shoulder of the faceplate threads is the most critical aspect. Once the wood lathe faceplate is advanced and seated flush to the shoulder of the headstock spindle, then any sideways movement is nearly impossible.

A washer made of plastic or nylon can be placed between the faceplate and headstock before the Best Wood For Pottery Tools Australia faceplate is mounted. This spacer can fill the gap and firmly seat the faceplate to prevent any vibration while turning. Most wood lathe faceplates have recessed screw holes to accept tapered head screws. It is essential to use a screw type with an angled head that will fit snuggly in the faceplate holes. For example, a cap head screw does not take advantage of the recessed space on the faceplate and can allow sideways movement to occur while turning.

The screws used for securing a wood bowl blank to the faceplate need to be the proper size for both the faceplate and the bowl blank. An easy way to check the proper size of a given screw is to drop one in a screw hole on the faceplate and hold it up for inspection. The screw should seat in and fill the recessed screw hole area of the faceplate surface.

It should not be too small and able to slide around much. The screw should not also be too large and stand out of the recessed area. Also, the diameter of the screw shaft, usually between a 8 — 12 should be able to fit in the faceplate screw hole with just a little extra room, not excessive free space. As far as speed settings go, this is one of the best. At this price point, I initially expected this lathe to be a mediocre tool with no balance and a severe vibration problem.

Boy, was I wrong! Perhaps the most impressive part of the Mophorn lathe is its craftsmanship, which any DIYer or woodworker can appreciate. The spindle lock, the ratchet, the pulley system and the digital RPM readout This lathe is fairly heavy which means stability , weighing in at nearly 90 pounds. Arguably the most trusted name in wood lathes, JET manufactures several different high-end lathes. This lathe features a powerful one horsepower motor that offers variable speed range of , RPM.

Other intuitive features like 24 indexing positions, Acme thread-in tailstock, and ergonomic controls make the JWLVS one of the most comfortable and full-featured lathes available. Jet also makes a full line of accessories and add-ons for this product. The expansive swing makes this lathe a reliable choice for turning bowls, plates, and other wide objects.

Similar to the JWLVS we just discussed, this lathe features a patented belt tension system, which makes for lightning-fast speed changes, providing turners with superior control over their work. The system sets the belt at the proper belt tension every time, so you can focus more on your work and less on adjusting your lathe. A smooth forward and reverse function allow you to achieve the best and most consistent finish on all your work without needing to remount your workpiece in the opposite direction.

I will talk about how I built my business, I'll show new creative projects I've been working on, and I'll visit studios of other makers I've gotten to know along the way. About Youtuber Woodturning! Woodturning has become a full time occupation for me over the past couple of years and this YouTube channel demonstrates many of the things I turn in a succession of different workshops.

United States About Youtuber As soon as I started turning a bowl on my lathe I knew I was in for the long term and had found a passion that was going to be with me for the rest of my life.

My passion for wood and wood turning have become an obsession. I try to be different in my turnings and add segments to the traditional wood bowl. About Youtuber This Channel is dedicated to woodturning. Canada About Youtuber After many years as a woodworker I would like to share some of the tips and techniques I have learned. Woodworking and woodturning are pursuits where new things can always be learned.

About Youtuber Woodturning projects and ideas for beginners to advanced. Taking you through the entire process of preparing wood to be mounted to the lathe, sanding and finishing of the final project.

Also a few ideas for finding wood for new projects. Since Jan Channel youtube. Redditch , United Kingdom About Youtuber I am a self employed woodturner who has been a full time professional woodturner for 38 years.

Here are some videos to show how a production woodturner works and producing hand woodturning. I don't think I could have done it without them.

I want to pay back by sharing what I have learned and some methods I have developed on my own, based on my many years of building experience with show cars and airplanes. United States About Youtuber I'm just a retired guy that enjoys woodworking and now, especially, woodturning. This is kind of a new venture for me and thought I would share my adventure for any other turners or would-be turners that might want to follow along.

Since Mar Channel youtube. Grein, sterreich About Youtuber Hy! My name is Andreas Achleitner and I like working with wood! I hope you will enjoy my videos. About Youtuber Videos from the woodsty woodshop on woodturning. United States About Youtuber My passion is woodturning.

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