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Art markers. Stay Connected Subscribe to our newsletter for giveaways and new products! Think about what surface you will work on, and the harder surface, the softer lead you need. Pros Eraser leaves no smudges Writing is smooth Set is pre-sharpened Feeling of ferrule dipped in plastic, not traditional painting Dark line Sturdy. Pros The lead application on any surface is decent The pencil is well seen The shape prevents it from falling down Easy to sharpen. The softness best woodworkers pencil quality hardness is indicated by letters: H-hard and B-black and soft. And lots of users have to ask themselves whether the best woodworkers pencil quality 1 pencil Best Sketchup For Woodworkers Zip even exists.
What's the Best Pencil for Woodworkers A few jocular comments notwithstanding, this is a serious question for the professional woodworker. December 28, Question I'm fed up with breaking lead. I used some liquid graphite pencils but they are an empty promise. I went back to a pencel - the mustard yellow mechanical pencil. Jun 11,  · Absolute best is Eagle Mirado or Mikado, or Black Warrior no.4, but only before Berol sold the company. Anything Berol or before. Not Papermate or later. I . Jun 07,  · By the way, I use pencils on the “hard rail”, 2H, 3H and even 4H, for accurate marking, and HB hardness por general work or dark woods, in wich harder pencils are difficult to see. When I was an Engineering student I used the HB mechanical pencils only for writing. For technical drawing I used 4H and Faber-Castell 6H pencils.

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