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Best Gas-Powered Chainsaw. It is loud, smelly, and requires some real dedication to maintain. But if you want cutting performance beyond what any electric chainsaw can deliver, this is the perfect option for you.

Relatively affordable when compared to similarly sized models from Husqvarna or Stihl, the RM Outlaw will serve as a great first- time gas chainsaw for you. Ideal for: Storm cleanup, limbing, firewood — anything involving cutting wood. Pros : The quiet, zero fume operation makes this chainsaw a brilliant choice for every homeowner who just wants something that works out of the box without any tinkering.

Especially if you wander off into the woods for collecting some firewood. Finally, a worthy successor to the highly successful CS cordless chainsaw. It manages to blend entry- level gas performance with excellent ergonomics, and wraps it all up into a well- built durable package that includes a bunch of really cool features. This proprietary built-in chain sharpening technology will take your cutters from dull to razor sharp on the field, within seconds.

How does it work? Well, PowerSharp is a combination of 3 things-. And then you would pull out a round file, depth gauge, flat file, and start sharpening each tooth manually.

We have an article on how to sharpen your chainsaw chain. Instead, they will just hand over the chain to a shop where a professional will sharpen it for slightly less money than a brand new chain. Right now, Oregon is the only manufacturer that makes cordless chainsaws with a built-in sharpening system. And you can work longer, since a dull chain will no longer hinder your workflow. But the CS has a lot more going for it than just PowerSharp.

This is a well- balanced chainsaw and feels just like a Husqvarna or Stihl when you hold it by the front handle. Almost 50 — 50 weight distribution, which is crucial for making clean cuts at every angle.

And the rubberized texture on its handle allows you to get a positive grip on the saw at all times, which is essential for reducing the chances of kickback. Just in case it kicks back, you will be protected by the anti- kickback chain brake. The bucking spikes are made from metal, which will dig into wood and help you pivot the saw more easily when crosscutting logs. Ideal for: Pruning, trimming, DIY projects. Will cut through softer woods like pine, juniper, cedar, etc.

It requires zero maintenance other than a quick bar oil refill from time to time. Comes with a 20V dual charger which lets you charge two 20V batteries at the same time. This generates enough power to spin the chain at 26 feet per second, which is right up there with some of the corded electric chainsaws. You get two 20V 2. We recommend purchasing two more batteries model WA if you want to do some serious work.

It can be used by gardeners, DIYers, landscapers, construction workers, and linesmen who need lots of eco- friendly power in a compact form factor. It packs a Watt motor, which is comparable to what you get in corded electric chainsaws. It is also heavier than most cordless chainsaws, due to the larger motor and heavy V lithium ion battery pack. The usage of a watt brushless DC motor allows this chainsaw to shred through the thickest of hardwood logs with utter ease.

Video V Chainsaw from Sun Joe. We cannot recommend the iONVCS-CT enough for homeowners who live off grid, as it allows you to chop your yearly supply of firewood just as fast as an entry level gas chainsaw. In fact, this cordless saw actually outperforms some of the 38cc gas saws.

Battery technology is constantly progressing, and manufacturers are coming up with new and innovative ways to entice buyers into purchasing their battery platforms. For example- if you purchase the 5. Talk about multitasking! So you get fade- free power until the battery dies out completely.

As a side note, they have also released a new V snow blower, which means you can share one battery between both tools. This is the latest in battery powered tools. If you like innovative power equipment, the Sun Joe V is a true contender. It will rip through 8 to 10 inch logs with ease, and is great for clearing out fallen trees from an area. You can limb and buck with this chainsaw, it will handle everything from pine to oak. And the plastic bucking spikes are a disappointment, since they do tend to get worn down after just a few months of regular use.

Not something we expect to see on a premium cordless chainsaw. For the jobsite or homeowners who need high-quality. The bar and chain adjustment are separated from each other. But this is the next best thing and is very convenient for homeowners who just want to cut wood without having to fiddle around with tools. Once you tighten it, expect to get at least an hour of work done before you have to rotate the adjustment dial again.

This chainsaw is hardwired to operate at 60V and 3. Ideal for: Light trimming and pruning work around the yard, and DIY projects like building a kitchen cabinet or wooden deck. Pros: The weight balance feels really good, and distributes load between your main and supporting arms quite well. This reduces operator fatigue during long work sessions, and allows you to make cleaner cuts.

A fast chain speed allows this cordless saw to effortlessly slice through hardwood, and ipx4 weather resistant construction keeps the internals safe from water. It even has a 5- year warranty on the tool. Cons: At over 13lbs with the 5. Also, plastic bucking spikes. Ideal for: Pruning branches and trimming fallen limbs. Just enough power for basic tasks like cutting some 2 x 4, and it will even handle a bit of firewood cutting.

Linesmen and arborists might find it appealing due to its small profile and low weight, although a top handle chainsaw might be better suited for those jobs. Perfect for senior citizens, women, and pretty much anyone with limited chainsaw experience.

Runs quiet, and has a large oil view window. After all, the Milwaukee M18 Fuel chainsaw has one. It is lighter than a lot of corded electric saws, and that is before you even factor in the weight of an extension cord.

Fairly standard stuff. One area where they could have made improvements is the placement of the battery- it is located on the left side of the saw which causes issues when you try to rotate your grip for horizontal cutting. At least this allows the oil filler cap to be placed in an extremely convenient spot- right on top of the saw, and in front of the rear handle. Ideal for: Cutting wooden beams, demolition, and forestry. Arborists and firemen who cut branches in tight spaces at extreme heights will appreciate the compact form factor afforded by using a top- handle chainsaw design.

Will it fit into the arsenal of a DIYer or average homeowner who just wants to prune some trees in the yard? Absolutely, as long as you take the time to familiarize yourself with the operation of a top- handle chainsaw. Want to adjust the chain tension in the middle of work? You can use it to cut 2 x 4, wooden pallets, reclaim old lumber, etc. Can handle all types of hardwoods such as oak, walnut, hickory, and cedar. Toolless chain tensioning, coupled with an oil level sight makes operating the UCA a fairly easy task even for novice chainsaw users.

All Best Cnc Router For Wood Signs Review you have to do is look at the small details. Intake vents are located in the hand guard area where the air should be relatively cool and dust- free. A fan pulls in air from here, passes it on the motor, and pushes it out from the front right side of the powerhead. This also has the side effect of cooling your hand and keeping it sweat free.

Rubberized grips help you maintain a firm hold on the chainsaw at all times, which is essential for making clean cuts with minimal chances of kickback. There are little black tabs on either side of the saw, which help you change out the motor brushes with ease.

This tells you that Makita wants the UCA to be serviceable by end users, and they have built a product which will last for a really long time. Another neat little detail most people will gloss over is the overcurrent protection system which keeps the motor safe if it ever draws too much current.

Makita deliberately went with a A nice touch if you are using some portable jobsite generator to power it, since most portable generators come with V duplex outlets which top out at 15 amps of current.

Like a lot of premium electric chainsaws, the UCA has an anti- kickback chain brake. Instead, the chain brake will cut off power to the motor when activated. Really nice feature to have, when you consider that electric motors produce close to maximum torque right from zero RPM.

Since there is no exhaust fumes you can use it within confined spaces, like your garage or basement. Perfect companion for DIYers who want to make some cabinet doors or dinner table legs. Powerful motor combined with a great grip design helps you chew through piles of lumber all day with ease. We will also help you decide which ones are most important and most required as per your needs. The best way to do this is to figure out what you are going to make and then see the tools recommended for the project.

If you are using ready-made professional woodworking plans, you will learn about everything you need to make the project, including the tools. A couple of things to do before you spend money on new woodworking tools.

Don't believe that you need a particular tool without good reason. There are many ways to do the same job, and for another, your existing tools are capable of doing more than you think. It's simply a question of knowing the techniques.

For example, you can make a dovetail joint quickly with the router and a special bit. But you can just as easily make a jig for it and do the same joints pretty quickly by hand. There are many versions and variations of the same woodworking tool. The features and fringes on the tool can vary and so can the price. And since new models keep showing up frequently, it can get difficult to choose the right woodworking tool. The first deciding factor is the price bracket.

The second source of assistance comes from woodworking tools reviews which are written by professionals who have used these tools personally and put them through all kinds of tests. The recommendations made in these professional reviews can help you in sorting out your choices.

You can read reviews for the woodworking tools in magazines as well as online. Woodworking magazines are a very good source of information on tools and much more. You should definitely subscribe to a couple of them at least till the time you are in the market for buying more tools. We recommend staying subscribed afterwards as well. These are the names of some of the recognised and popular woodworking magazines that come highly endorsed.

The list of tools above is quiet sufficient to get you started comfortably. However, there will come a time when you want expand the capabilities and comfort of your wood shop.

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