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As I'm waiting for some decent weather in France to maiden this new BJ PARK monoplane, I bjs planes & woodworking this opportunity to post some pictures from the shipping to the first flight. This jointer plane weighs 8. I don't know who is to blame, but the fact Customs open the crates on a regular basis to check what is inside but don't close them back properly don't help. Hope the parts are ok. Can you believe it? The best hand plane for you will depend on the types of woodworking projects you do. Scrapers: Tools that bjs planes & woodworking out glue, pencil markings and rough grain allowing you to achieve smoothness.

Received 1 Like on 1 Post. I had an Element delivered last year that was a total loss. Fuse was crushed and only one wing and stab survived. Fortunately Mike at F3A had another he could ship within a couple of weeks. Send a private message to Bubblehead Find More Posts by Bubblehead Can you believe it? As the fuselage was moving in the crate, I was expecting to have it broken or highly damaged. In fact, lucky I was, after inspecting every single part I found nothing Just later on, I found a light hint on the fuselage, a small crack on the paint I don't know who is to blame, but the fact Customs open the crates on a regular basis to check what is inside but don't close them back properly don't help.

Thanks BJ for inserting a piece of wood in the cross section of the crate, this avoiding the sides to crush the fuselage, when the top cover no longer hold them. As I'm flying off a very Easy Swinging Arbor Woodworking Plan Planes bad grass runway close to PARIS, I will have to reinforce specialy the landing gear plate and the bottom of the fuselage.

So I will weight again the fuselage after the job done. I had a very bad experience last year, when a repaired Falcon Landing gear leg damaged after a few hundred of landing on this grass runway broke Morality do not repair ldg gear legs, change them, it could cost you a lot more The increase in weight is 10 g for the canopy. The landing gear box is strong enough for flying off a concreted runway, but when from a grass runway in bad condition, I think some reinforcements are needed.

So I keep on using 1,5 mm carbon plate to reinforce the ldg box, and a 0,75 mm one on the gear legs. I'm not using inserts, but bolt from the top the retaining screws with nuts, having access through holes in the bottom of the fuselage.

The after market carbon wheels pants need a special treatment too : an extra carbon cloth inside for rigidity, and a triangular hole on the rear bottom to evacuate the clay, and so prevent the wheel from blocking. The following 2 users liked this post by J-P:. Ricardo M. You Tube. I used this method to strengthen the landing gear box and it is really effective. Installation of the rear engine mount. An 80 g carbon cloth in sandwich between light plywood included in the kit.

Absorbing better vibrations than the all carbons parts I was using before. Waking up a morning, I decided to have a fancy japanese style air intake Took me some time, but happy with the result.

You then slot the root rib on the back to allow the wing to move up and down. Size is 1. But first I reinforced the fuselage sides with some extra glass cloth. Manufactured from high-quality steel and polished wood, the WoodRiver hand plane proves a good choice for shaving away high spots on large wood projects such as cedar chests or toy boxes, making it well suited for the woodworking artisan who takes pride in creating custom projects.

Another plane from the manufacturer whose name is synonymous with quality hand tools, the Stanley Block Plane is designed for use with one or two hands. The degree angle of its cutter blade is ideal for shaving across the wood grain, and a block plane is the plane of choice for smoothing the rough ends of boards. The plane is made from epoxy-coated cast iron to resist rusting. If Old Woodworking Tools Block Planes Quote you need to straighten out curved boards, check out the Grizzly Industrial inch Smoothing Plane that falls into the jointer plane category.

Sometimes called a 7 plane or a leveling plane, this hand tool creates an even surface on wood so you can join two pieces of wood together without gaps. This jointer plane weighs 8. It features smooth-to-the-touch rosewood handles, a fully adjustable blade, and a durable cast-iron base. Considered a bench plane, the GreatNeck features a 2-inch-wide tempered cutting blade for quick wood removal and dual polished wood handles for superior control.

The jack plane measures 9 inches long, 2. Seasoned woodworkers and newbies alike can benefit from the AmazonBasics No. At 10 inches long and 2. The AmazonBasics bench plane features a fully adjustable blade and weighs in at 3.

Some perform multiple wood-smoothing tasks, while others are designed for specific cutting and shaving tasks. A decent all-around hand plane, either a 4 smoothing hand plane or a 5 jack plane will give you a good start.

As you become more adept at using a hand plane, you may want to add specialty planes to your hand tool collection. The bevel on the cutting blade faces up on a block plane. On a bench plane, it faces down. Block Planes: Versatile and typically small enough to be used with one hand.

Great for smoothing mill marks, chamfering sharp edges, truing up miters and trimming doors to fit. Shoulder Planes: A cutter that Woodworking Planes Uk Design spans the full width of the tool makes it perfect for trimming the shoulders and faces of tenons and rabbets. Spoke Shaves: Ideal for shaping curved sections of chair spindles, cabriole legs and more.

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