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Slide the hardware in and sequentially tighten it down. Oil tank for bobbers Another important part to consider is the oil tank. See photo descriptions to make this clearer. It's what makes buld world spin, other peoples warped ideas of right and wrong, I mean. Move the tape down this amount. Jjjjjjhhhhhh says:.
Frame jig - Frame jigs run the gamut from $ "it'll do for now" disposable (and flammable!) particle board versions, up to $5, rocket-science precision, aluminum and steel pieces of art (we Build A Motorcycle Frame Jig In used to link to Anvil here but Don has retired and they're no longer available), and of course, rock-solid, dependable work horses in Build Your Own Frame Bike Problem www.How To Make A Frame of course Sputnik fits in there somewhere. Jul 16,  · How To Build A Mountain Bike Frame In Your Parents’ Garage. I designed my own frame jig based on a lot of reading and a little Build Your Own Mini Bike Frame Analysis design creativity on my end. I aimed for the easiest and most accurate frame jig that worked within my parameters as far as tools and budget. Having a bicycle frame building jig is Build Your Own Road Bike Frame Map really helpful for this step. (See my instructable on how to build one here.) Jigs are helpful because they hold all the tubing at the right angles, you can miter a tube and throw it in the jig to test the fit. If it needs work you can pull it out, file it a bit and repeat.

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