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How to Make a DIY Frame for a Bathroom Mirror -

We installed two large mirrors during our home gym remodel with the plan to add a wood frame. Adding the frame definitely transformed the room and made the space look more finished and professional costing less than $ Mirrors are not only functional but also decorative. Having a mirror in a space can make it feel more open and spacious. DIY. Bathroom Remodeling Accessories Bathroom Mirrors Remodeling Wood Tools and Materials This easy project should cost about $25 in materials and take approximately four hours to complete. Sep 20,  · This is my mirror, on sale for $90 at Kirkland’s, which is a pretty great price for such a large mirror. The ornate silver frame you see in my before images actually started out Build A Frame Around A Bathroom Mirror Java as a faux wood frame. The frame was a plastic material that I spray painted gold a while back and then Build A Door Frame For A Shed 30 re-spray painted silver. Although I hated the look of the frame.

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