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Our friends from Home Depot prepared this detailed guide on how to create a DIY toy storage box you can do with your kids. Build Something. This is build a toy storage shelf english a super easy thing to build. Take this herringbone box for instance. My Lottery Dream Home 7pm 6c. Designing a playroom is a lot of fun until you have to come up with appropriate storage solutions.

I love it! I hope that helps! There are a lot of things that can go into pricing and building furniture. As I mentioned, grade of wood is one, you could use a lesser wood than we did and get a cheaper price. I LOVE this!

What a great option, and timeless versatile customized piece… my wheels are turning! You guys are my fave! You did an amazing job with the cubbies. The name plates are a perfect finishing touch. I wish I was handy and comfortable using powertools. Great Idea! My clients are always looking for basement finishing ideas in Colorado Springs.

Especially kids storage! I love this idea. I am redecorating my daughters room right now and am always looking for creative ways to contain toys. Well other then getting rid of them. A room with no mess always looks so nice. But my daughter will probably not like that, so this is a wonderful solution to have them be available but still keep the room pretty.

What are the overall dimensions of the entire unit? And the openings of the individual cubbies? We are making this plan similar but not as wide. Have fun building! I absolutely love this and cannot wait for my husband to build it. Thanks for this awesome tutorial. I love your blog! Here are the free […]. Handmade shows how to achieve this using wooden boards and crown-forming […]. The Handmade Home shows you how to make it happen using wooden boards and crown moulding […].

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We made this fun little project last year when the. Moms however, not so much, especially when those Legos end up all over the floor.

If your little one or your big one has a lot of Legos, this project helps you to organize them by color so they always know where each color that they need is located. Hanging storage for stuffed animals is great but those nets that you stick up in the corner can be a little boring. They can also look very untidy when they are stuffed to the gills with animals. You need a bit of hobby wood, a clothesline, and some hooks.

You simply create swings for all of the animals to sit on and then hang on the wall or from the ceiling. Oh how we absolutely adore projects that are free. You simply put them together and create a little garage for all of those Matchbox cars. For girls, you could use these to store Barbie dolls or any number of other little toys. He will have a blast putting his cars away in his little tube garage. This rolling storage box is perfect for organizing toys and is really easy to make.

This is a great project if you have dresser drawers that are missing the fronts or just any type of drawer that you no longer need. Or, you could use cheaper spice racks if you can find them. Just put the spice racks up on the wall or a door, wherever the little ones can reach them and add the books. Not only does it provide great organization, it helps your little ones to be able to find and reach their books so they will want to play with them more often.

You can store things like crayons, Matchbox cars, doll clothes, and just any number of smaller items in them and completely organize playrooms and bedrooms. The great part about this project is you can print off labels to go on the coffee cans so kids will be able Build A Toy Car From Recycled Materials Quote to remember where everything goes.

The labels that you use are actually pictures of what goes into each can. This is a great organizing idea and a wonderful learning tool for toddlers. Well, stop imagining and get to creating.

This adorable little closet is made from an old dresser just a small one and it perfectly holds all of those dress up clothes and keeps them perfectly organized. You can keep dresses, shoes, hats or anything else you need in there. Instead of sitting those stuffed animals on the bed or piling them up in the closet, make their own little zoo cage and keep them organized.

Plus, the animals easily go in and out of the cage so the little Build A Toy Piano Jazz ones can play with them all they want and then just stick them back into their cage with they are finished. And, there are no lids or metal parts that kids could get hurt on. This is probably one of the easiest ways to organize and one that is very effective, too. Empty milk jugs can be turned into colorful totes for keeping smaller toys organized.

You simply have to cut a rather large opening in the side of the jug, being careful to leave the handle intact. Then just paint, decoupage or whatever you want with regards to decorating. If you like to sew and if you have a bit of extra fabric lying around your craft room, you can create these adorable peek-a-boo toy sacks that work well for organizing. Plus, they have a little window so kids can see what specific toys go into each sack. These are great for organizing smaller toys like Legos, cars or even crayons.

They are easy to sew and you can alter the pattern just a bit if you need them smaller or larger. Those little plastic travel soap boxes that cost about a dollar at Wal-Mart and the Dollar Store are perfect for keeping playing cards and other similar items organized.

If your teenager likes making her own jewelry, these are perfect for holding beads or you can use them for crayons or any number of other things. Smaller puzzles fit nicely into them as well. What a great way to store and display colorful game boards!

This is such a neat idea and one that will definitely help you to organize your board games and keep those pieces from going missing. Imagine a table in the playroom where your little ones can do their crafts, play, and store all of their belongings. This DIY play table is the perfect solution for storage problems. Plus, when you add stools that have storage in them, you get the perfect place to keep all those coloring books and even Play-Doh and other toys that are often a bit messy.

Scale it down if you need to so that you can fit it perfectly into the play room. Best of all, they give you loads of storage space and they roll so you can move them about as you need to. Keep board games, toys or anything else you want inside. Magnetic strips are perfect for holding Build A Toy Box Bench Keywords toy cars — the ones that are metal anyway. You just have to attach the strip to the wall and then let him stick his cars up there. A magnetic knife holder works perfectly for this.

Available on Amazon. Get them to work creating this great desk organizer out of those old Legos. Just create a Lego box and use it to keep their pens and pencils or crayons for little ones organized neatly. Outdoor toys often get overlooked when it comes to organizing.

Instead of leaving them Build A Toy At Home Loan out in the yard or worse, letting them clutter up the garage, make an organization station for them. Buckets for bubbles and other water play toys will stack neatly under tables. Plus, this is a really inexpensive project and will take you less than an entire day to complete. Instead of toting those bathtub toys back and forth from the bedroom to the bathroom or leaving them in the tub or under the bathroom sink, why not create organization for them?

With a spring loaded shower curtain rod and a few small baskets, you can have all the bathroom toy storage you need. You simply place the shower rod at the base of the tub on the wall and then add the baskets using shower curtain hooks. If you have boys who tend to bring home everything they find think rocks, leaves, and other outdoorsy type treasures then you need something for them to keep all of their treasures in.

Plastic tool boxes work perfectly for treasure boxes. You can assign one to each child and allow them to place whatever neat little things they find inside. The boxes can be stacked if needed so you have loads of extra room and they are lightweight so your little ones can carry them outside and place the items directly in them, which eliminates finding those tiny little treasures on the floor later. American Girl dolls are very popular with little girls and unfortunately for moms, they come with a ton of accessories.

A very inexpensive fabric storage bin that slides under the bed is the perfect solution for all that American Girl Doll stuff. Under the bed storage bins have sections that you can use to keep everything organized. This would work for any type of toy but we thought it was the perfect storage solution for dolls and their accessories.

Laundry baskets are great for storing and organizing but if you have a lot of them, they can become clutter themselves. This laundry basket dresser is the perfect way to keep toys organized and keep those baskets from looking like additional clutter. An over the door shoe rack works perfectly for keeping Barbie and all of her friends organized.

You can get these really cheap at the Dollar Store. Just hang it on the inside of the closet door or the bedroom door and she can keep all of her dolls neatly stored away.

If the slots are too big to securely hold the dolls, you can sew one together yourself and it only takes a couple of hours from start to finish. This way, you get the perfect slots for dolls and you can make larger ones to hold clothes, shoes, and other accessories. You can take those Legos and create a table that is perfect for playing and storing.

You can just build one yourself. Similar tables are very expensive but when you DIY it, you can get it for much cheaper and the kids can help you to build it, which is another plus. Dolls have so many clothes. In order to organize them, you just need some colored scrapbook paper, gallon sized Ziploc bags and a little time. You just use the paper to separate outfits and you can fit two into each gallon bag.

Have your daughter help you to choose the outfits with accessories like shoes, purses, etc. This project was originally for a nursery but we thought that it would be great for toddlers and even older kids. You just need to build a wall of oversized blocks from wood and MDF boards. You can build them out as far as you have room to accommodate and each little block adds additional storage.

Imagine how well you could keep those bedrooms organized! The blocks are so adorable and you can paint them whatever colors you want. Make alphabet blocks or if you have older kids, choose another type of decoration. Your little boy will adore this DIY Matchbox car garage and you will adore the space that it leaves in the toy box. You could even decorate the top to actually look like a garage to make it more fun.

Cubbies are great! They use them in schools because they offer great storage potential and you can build them yourself pretty quickly. If you have room, these storage cubbies are perfect for keeping toys, crafts, and other items organized. You can label the fronts of each cubby to determine what goes inside which will really help you to get organized. These are perfect for bedrooms or playrooms or, if you have toys in the living room, build them along a wall in there.

Instead of spending a few hundred at Pottery Barn to get storage for toys, just build your own Pottery Barn knock-off storage unit. They give you a lot of room to store toys of all sizes, too so you can get those rooms tidied up and perfectly organized.

Build your little girl a dollhouse bookcase. You also need to choose paint colors, although we think the pink and white are perfect.

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