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Making drums for kids is an easy project that you can do with household objects. Langhorne, PA Log in. Cookie Settings. Edit this Article. We offer Medicine Drum Making Workshops throughout the year at different area locations.
May 16,  · A frame drum needs a frame. I used two layers of thin virola plywood. Cut. Two pieces, 48" x 4" for an almost 16" diameter bodhrán. C = 2 π r. Soak. Warm water in the tub, thirty minutes or until bendy. Over an hour and my plywood delaminated. Bend and glue. I used the shower curtain rod to impart a curve, the way we use scissors to curl ribbon. Drum kits come with your choice of a pre-cut deer, elk, horse, moose or buffalo rawhide drum head and hand cut rawhide lacing. The drum hoop or frame can be yellow cedar, red cedar, willow oak Build Your Own Full Bed Frame Model or maple. Also included are the makings of a soft drum beater and instructions. Jan 18,  · The SW Florida community is known for ceremony and sacred events. This is an opportunity to make your own frame drum to be used in sacred ceremonies and events. The two-part workshop is led by Jewell Cochara. Her passion is sharing the wisdom of native American practices.

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