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How To Stop Carpenter Bees Naturally - 5 Simple Methods That Work!

Most of the times carpenter bees prefer to bore into bare wood and they do not tend to eat painted wood. However, they may occasionally attack stained wood if they feel or see the wood grain on it. The presence of the wood grain on the surface actually helps them to recognize the wood. Carpenter bees occasionally construct nests Carpenter Or Wood Bees University in exterior structural or decorative wood such as siding, fascia boards, trim, and log homes. A round hole (~1/2" diameter) is chewed in the wood surface then a tunnel is bored, usually at 90 degrees to the entrance (see drawing below). Mar 24,  · The female bee dies not long after laying larvae in the separate chambers of the soft-wood tunnel. Carpenter bees do not eat the wood that they burrow into. They spit it back out, leaving a pile of wood dust below the entrance to the nest. And here are a final 10 fun facts about Carpenter Bees!

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