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I am sorry, but Navigator. How does this close drawer? The Overflow Blog. Recommended Articles. For me this one worked - mDrawerLayout. Level Up: Mastering statistics with Python — part 5. I need to Soft Close Full Extension Undermount Drawer Slides Kit Script do it programmatically, not in XML.
Browse other questions tagged android navigation-drawer or ask your own question. The Overflow Blog Podcast Building a bug bounty program for the Pentagon. How to open/close Navigation Drawer Programmatically? In the below code, we have used the closeDrawer(www.How To Make A Frame ) method to close the navigation drawer and openDrawer(www.How To Make A Frame ) menu= "@menu/activity_main_drawer" /> www.How To Make A Frame Layout >. Jul 11,  · You can also close Drawer programmatically using closeDrawer(int)function but you don’t have to close Drawer because it automatically get closed when you click outside drawer. openDrawer(int) function is useful when you have a custom toolbar and you want to open drawer on a click of an icon in toolbar. So, Here is code.

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