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I covered in the video how to find all the information you'll need for different cutter bits. For Carvey that is the top of your material in the bottom left cnc carving from photo videos. Here are some supplies and tools we find essential in our everyday work around the shop. Caarving could be used as the only operation or you can leave stock and finish it up in other operations. The Geometry tab defines what will be cut out of how much stock.
CNC Picture Carving: As shown on many of my videos, I cobbled together a CNC machine recently. While learning to use it I also wanted to be able to import g-code from regular digital pictures and do cuttings on wood and other materials. I'm always looking fo. Allan's CNC Carving, Spruce Grove, Alberta. likes · 1 talking about this. Custom wood carving, using a CNC router to create personalized items with incredible detail! Apr 20,  · Each carving took about two hours of machining time. Imagine trying to do that by hand in two hours. After I saw Randy’s photos, I immediately bought a tapered ball-nose bit online and started trying to come up with some ideas for 3D projects I could do with my CNC router.

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