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Take your woodworking projects to the next level with this professional Wood V-Cutting/Carving Engraving Kit. Now: $ Was: $ The ideal collection of essential CNC router bits. With this kit you will be able to perform Profile cuts and Pockets in various materials creating the shapes that your project requires Fine detail engraving. Find innovative Carving Bits products for design, Best Wood For Cnc Router Carving 4d art, and prototyping. Special Offer: Up to 25% off the new X-Carve Pro. Hurry! Offer ends on 03/31 (21 days left) An engraving bit for wood, plastic and aluminum. $; ΒΌ" Bit Set for V-Carving. 2 carbide bits for your v-carving projects. $;. Browse our collection of carbide CNC wood router drill bits for your next project. The carving bits come in Cnc Router Wood Carving Machine Size a variety of sizes to match what you need. Got a question? Call us at: | M-Th , Fr Eastern | Ships From New Jersey. My cart.

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