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Simple yet creative seating may just be what your modern office is missing. Find this Pin and more on Furniture rehab by Kelley Michael. This is a wonderful summer evening cool wood furniture ideas 72 and so very easy to build. This piece was sanded and topcoated to let the gorgeous walnut show. This is the perfect large sized picnic table.

This is a guide about how to fix damaged surfaces of wood furniture. Kelley Michael saved to Furniture rehab. Article from sustainmycrafthabit. How to Paint Wood Furniture.

Painting dated wood Cool Ideas With Wood Questions furniture is a cheap way to update a room. Check out this simple tutorial for how to paint a wooden headboard in two easy steps! Article from frenchyfancy. Find this Pin and more on shabby shic by Marcia Beardsley. Article from hertoolbelt. This console table is a simple and Cool Wood Building Ideas Zip Code easy build with free plans. Our new personal touchdown space designs have been intentionally developed to reduce peripheral vision and external noise, while the open-top structure allows for the correct level of ambient light.

It provides the perfect place to take a call or to work independently in conjunction with a laptop table, all while allowing for privacy. Healthcare and frontline workers are providing essential services to keep us safe and fed during the COVID pandemic. These last few weeks, StrongProject has been creatively brainstorming essential business furniture products that will be helpful during this crisis.

These "modern-day" office can seem like a working hub—a place where hotdesking, open concepts, and add-ons like cafes and bars are utilized. Here's the harsh reality of these workspaces. Thinking toward the future? Simple yet creative seating may just be what your modern office is missing. Dazzle clients with these furniture pieces that stand out and make a name for themselves.

What better way to rid your yard of those unsightly stumps than to turn them into stools? These stump stools may not cost you anything if you have a few rather large logs lying around. Plywood at the base of the cushion keeps it super level and comfy.

If you prefer your hammock to have a bit more support, this DIY hammock chair made from fabric is perfect. A hammock stand can seriously set you back a couple hundred bucks. Once you get this built you just need to add your hammock, which you can also DIY out of rope, fabric, or any number of other materials. Repurposed steel drums can be used to create beautiful and unique patio furniture. You can paint the drums, which will keep them from rusting.

You can find steel drums to use in a number of places and you can use smaller drums for chairs and tables. This entire look is very vintage and perfect for any backyard or deck. Plywood is perfect for creating furniture, especially lightweight furniture like you would use in the backyard.

This gorgeous little love seat is on Etsy and would be beautiful on the deck. You could also build it yourself if you prefer — just cut the plywood and attach with small nails and wood glue.

You know all those logs that you have left over from winter? You can put them to good use by making a modern lounger. When finished, this is a great looking lounger and would be wonderful for those summer afternoon naps! I love projects that use old tires and this one is certainly no exception.

You use old tires for the seats themselves, adding cushions to make them comfortable, and the backs of the chairs are made from pieces of tire rim with webbing. These are so unique and the perfect way to use up those old tires and save them from going to the landfill. Some sticks, metal rods, or thick dowels serve as legs. This one however, has a bit of a twist. If you want a table but also need a place for the little ones to play or relax and read, this is a wonderful project.

These are probably the most comfortable things ever and the design is really gorgeous. Vintage milk jugs are great for a number of DIY projects.

This side table idea may just be my favorite. Not only are these easy to make, they give you that great rustic farmhouse look.

You can find milk jugs at most flea markets and thrift stores. Just clean them up and paint them and then add a nice wooden round for the top. This beautiful daybed would be perfect for laying out and staring at the stars at night, or for reading and relaxing during the daytime. You can even add mesh to the canopy to ward off those pesky mosquitos and other bugs.

You can easily get this one done in a weekend and you have so many options when it comes to the type of wood that you want to use. An old trampoline repurposed into a teepee bed may be the greatest thing ever. Material over it looks like a traditional Indian teepee. This is certain to get those little ones to nap on summer days. You will also want to add some nice cushioning or even an old mattress to make it comfortable.

How about instead of just one piece of furniture, you build an entire outdoor kitchen? If you spend quite a bit of time outdoors during the summer months, this outdoor kitchen is a must. Building an outdoor kitchen is much easier — and much less expensive — than you may think. Instead, cut it into two sections and make yourself these amazing garden shelves. These would be great to attach to the side of the house on the deck for holding grilling supplies or add them to your fence or garden area for potted plants or gardening tools.

Made from wood, this deck furniture is a must if you like entertaining outdoors during the warmer months. The pattern includes table and chairs and even a neat rolling cart to hold drinks, food, or whatever else you need. This recycled tire coffee table is the perfect complement to your outdoor furniture. An old galvanized tub or bucket makes a wonderful coffee Cool Wood Furniture Ideas 2020 table when you add a wooden top. Just put your tub or bucket wherever you want your coffee table to be and add the top. A wooden crate is perfect for making outdoor furniture.

Not only do wooden crates have that great rustic look but they are really flexible. You can use an old crate to make a lovely side table for your deck that offers extra storage. If you have a pool, this is a great place to store pool toys or even pool maintenance supplies.

Add wheels and you have mobile storage that you can take wherever you need it. This great DIY storage box doubles as a bench so it not only gives you loads of room to keep things organized; it adds seating when you need it as well. You could also use it for keeping your grilling and picnic supplies on hand — the possibilities are endless!

I love pallet projects and I especially love this glass top pallet Cool Wood Building Ideas Matching table. So remember that hammock stand? An old wooden door makes a wonderful outdoor dining table. This is a really creative idea and gives you a dining table large enough to feed your family and a few neighbors, too.

Just paint the door whatever color you want, add legs and sit your chairs up. If you have a deck or decking around your back porch, this upcycled pallet bar is perfect. It doubles as an eating table if you need it or you can use it for holding your potted plants to keep them off the ground. This project not only gives you a beautiful pallet table for eating outside, it also gives you a wonderful place to display those gorgeous succulents when you plant them.

This flower pot table literally takes two terra cotta pots and puts them together to make a wonderful side table. You could do any number of sizes, shapes and colors, too. If you have room for a large sofa, this DIY sectional is perfect for all of your outdoor seating needs.

They have that lovely high back which is really comfortable and the signature of Adirondack chairs. Plus, they have cup holders build right into the arms!

These are so simple to build and so very inexpensive. Everyone needs a reclining lounge for summer and this one is super easy to build.

The back of the lounge reclines all the way down so you can use it for sunning or sit it up when you want to chat with friends and family — build at least two of these so you have plenty for everyone. This DIY rope ottoman is perfect for holding your feet while you relax.

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