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Question: Replaced With What? Review Summary I got lucky and bought this used on Craigslist If you need to buy separately, invest in quality. Where in Central NJ are you. What we dislike: No chisels. High-end mortisers can be pounds plus.

Delta Model Mortising Attachment comes with four popular mortising chisel and bit sets plus a handy carrying case that holds everything for easy storage. Offers large 4” capacity under hold-downs; /4” from ends of hook rods to fence Also fits drill presses with quill diameters of 66mm, mm, 48mm and 38mm; if you quill is that. Although the hold-down and chisel lock in place with setscrews, the hex wrench for the job is conveniently machined onto the end of the chuck-key handle. –Minuses: We found the Delta’s inline handle grip less comfortable to use than right-angle grips—requiring Delta Wood Mortiser Zone greater exertion to force chisels into the wood. Jan 09,  · Barshfield | Posted in General Discussion on January 9, pm I just acquired a Delta mortiser at what truly was a fire sale. The mortiser was not directly involved in the 12/26 fire, but it was close by in the same space and so it suffered smoke damage. The motor seems to work fine and seems to drive the bits just fine.

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