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See more ideas about stepping stones, stepping stones diy, garden stepping stones.  HOW TO MAKE CRUSHED GLASS & TIE-DYED CONCRETE COASTERS With Rapid Set Cement All - Do-It-Yourself Fun Ideas. HOW TO MAKE CRUSHED GLASS & TIE-DYED CONCRETE COASTERS With Rapid Set Cement All. Cement Art. Stepping Stone Pictures From Longwood Gardens. Why You May Want Decorative Garden Stepping Stones. The standard slate gray paver is probably Do It Yourself Garden Stones 9th the most common.  The Benefits of Garden Stepping Stone Molds. You may see listings for DIY pavers. These qualify as do-it-yourself products because all you get are molds. They come in multiple shapes, sizes, and patterns. You place them where you want your pavers then pour in a concrete mix. Make the garden stepping stone like this: Put your safety glasses on. Place a plate or saucer inside a cloth bag or cover with an old sheet or towel, and smash it with a hammer. Repeat until you have all the pieces you need. You’ll probably want a variety of sizes. Place your cake pan on your contact paper, and trace around it. Jun 18,  · Cut the top cover off the pizza box, and restructure the bottom half so that any tabs or flaps folded along the inside of the box move to the outside. When you’re finished, the inside of Author: Jennifer Noonan. Credit: Cast Hosta leaf stepping stone/Forming concrete Before filling the mold, spray it with cooking spray. Lay a large hosta leaf upside down on the cardboard. Use the underside of the leaf because the veining is more pronounced and will be more dramatic on your stone. As you dig a hole for your stepping stone, dig least 2 inches deeper than you should, in order to have some extra space where you can put your sand. Placing sand underneath the stepping stone will allow the sand to conform to the irregularities of the stone shape, giving you a leveled stone pathway.

Allow the garden stepping stones to cure and dry for around two weeks, and then you can place them into your garden. Opens the mind to new possibilities. Use them for inspiration to spark your creativity. Stone statues are also popular and can be shaped into a number of things. There's no doubt that these beautiful and detailed stepping stones require hard work. Your gardening efforts are a statement about your personality. Now, you can begin to add in the decorative embellishments of your choice.

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