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False riffle shuffle revealed must log in or register to reply here. I also know that Guy Hollingworth has one, as does Daniel Madison, though I'm not sure what book they are in. Is there some way of describing what the difference is between Woody's and a Truffle. Search forums. I know one is taught in Card College I think. It's very much a cross between Karl's "Heinstein" shuffle and the original Truffle Shuffle
Here is a double tutorial on a false in the air riffle shuffle as well as a false faro shuffle - they are both Ed Marlo Riffle Shuffle Systems very convincing and easy to learn they are % false, nothing happens to the decks so you can add this to any self working trick or a trick that involves a set up and it will make it more powerful. Guy Hollingsworth’s false riffle shuffle—as described in his brilliant Drawing Room Deceptions—forms the first part of my false shuffle sequence. Whether one employees Mr. Hollingsworth’s shuffle, or the Truffle, or the Heinstein, from Karl Hein, a standing riffle shuffle is incredibly convincing. Oct 13,  · I've been trying to take tabled false riffle shuffles and transform them into in the hands, but can't seem to pull it off. I use the riffle shuffle the most, so sometimes the moment feels unnatural whenever I end up doing an overhand shuffle as a false shuffle. ChrisJGJ. Joined: Feb 1,

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