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He is always entertaining to watch, and he usually commands a large woodturhing. The bowl gouge easily cuts the side grain fibers, but as glenn lucas woodturning tools engine bowl gouge tip transitions from side to end grain, the fibers sweep the tip away. The grit gives a superb cutting edge. I had to laugh because it is so simple, super appropriate, and blatantly obvious, once you think about it. As a professional woodturning instructor fngine demonstrator I have yet to find a tool line that compares. Because that nub is torn, wood fibers are raw, open, and ready to tkols or expel moisture glenn lucas woodturning tools engine than the rest of the roughed bowl. Glenn uses luxurious slabs of beech timber, and he draws out circles for bowl blanks allowing the circles to overlap a bit along the end grain.

Learn More. Read reviews 4 Write a review. Temporarily out of stock Expected in stock Apr 26, - More Info. Comments On Jul 26, Glenn is a superb teacher he clearly explains the entire process! Comments On Jul 11, Learned a lot from watching this video. Highly recommend for beginner turners. There is a lot that can be learned from a person who has dedicated himself so thoroughly to the art of wood bowl creation.

Combining the need to create top-notch finished pieces and make a living, Glenn has developed, from necessity, many unique turning techniques, and habits. He is always entertaining to watch, and he usually commands a large audience. When you see him, there are two things you learn pretty fast about Glenn Lucas.

He has honed his wood bowl turning skills to that of a top-level master, and he is very efficient and aware of both the value of time and materials. Making a living selling bowls can be very challenging. There is always a struggling balance between those three devilish characters: time, quality, and price. In most places, customers will only pay so much for a beautiful bowl, even a Glenn Lucas bowl. Which means you have to figure out how you can make the best bowl, for the most reasonable price, in the quickest amount of time.

Unfortunately, most people see bowls as utilitarian items first and overlook their actual artistic values of course, we know better. Instead, the opposite is true. To make a living selling wood bowls, you need to be able to make hundreds or thousands of bowls at a reasonable price, and perhaps do a little teaching on the side too.

The fact that he is so gracious and sharing of his time and knowledge makes him a real gem in the woodturning world. During a demonstration of his Viking bowl, Glenn pointed out the same forces that want to push the bowl gouge out to the left of a bowl rim cut are at play in the bottom of the bowl as well. Essentially, when the bowl gouge tip is introduced to the wood first instead of the bevel first, the end grain will sweep or push the gouge back or out to the left.

Recall the orientation of the wood grain fibers in a traditional side-grain bowl blank? Those fibers are at play on the rim and also on the inside bottom of the bowl. Check out this article about Supported Cuts to dive more in-depth on this topic.

Because the rim and bowl bottom is nearly flat or horizontal, we are contending with straight wood fibers that alternate between side and end grain, like a neat bed of sticks all laid out side by side. The bowl gouge easily cuts the side grain fibers, but as the bowl gouge tip transitions from side to end grain, the fibers sweep the tip away.

To overcome this issue, we need to be sure the bowl gouge is on bevel at all times. If you are getting a rim kickback or swirly marking in the bottom of the bowl, the gouge is off bevel and riding the tip instead. At the rim, start a tiny cut and wait for an entry point, or little ledge to become well-formed before proceeding forward with your bevel supported cut.

Also, a little extra downforce on the bowl gouge with your left hand, against the tool rest will be beneficial. If you recognize the gouge is chattering or vibrating in the bowl bottom, stop and readjust, so the tool is on bevel. I mentioned that Glenn Lucas has developed efficiencies, well, maximizing material is an area where efficiency is critical in bowl production.

When we turn a roughed bowl blank, we make the wall thickness approximately ten percent of the total bowl diameter. Most green or wet wood will distort during the drying process. Usually, the end grain ends will push out, and the side grain walls will pull inward, making an oval shape.

Because we make the wall so thick, later after turning away the dry and now distorted outside and inside, we still have enough material remaining to form and shape a true circular bowl shape.

If you want to understand the twice turning process in more details, see this article. So we know the end grain will push out and the sides pull in forming an oval shape. We also know that to return that oval to a circle shape we will turn away those protruding end grain sections, right? Because we know the end grain will push outward, we can save that material and not make the first roughed bowl blank as wide at the end grain point. Furthermore, because we are cutting the ends of the roughed bowl blanks short, we can get more bowl blanks from a particular piece of timber.

Read reviews 6 Write a review. Comments On Aug 31, I don't normally review tools or other items. However I had put so much thought as to whether or not to buy it because I already had several heavy scrapers, and was reluctant to spend so much on an almost identical tool.

I have been using it for almost 6 month now and I can say without a doubt that it was worth every penny. I sold my other heavy scrapers and now use this one instead.

It can make several different cuts and the french curve makes it fit almost every situation. When you have spent hours to get a "premium burl" bowl turned and need to make light finishing cuts without risk of a grab or chatter, this is the tool you want to use. I have never had a grab or over aggressive cut yet.

It has become my go to tool for all of my finishing cuts. You won't be disappointed. Comments On May 29, I have a few tools that I really like and this is one of them.

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