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It may be easiest to use the same type of wood used in other objects in ntes room where the frame will sit or hang. This article has been viewed botes, times. You can use a miter saw set at a 45 degree angle or you can mark the angle by hand and cut it with a handsaw. Home Random Courses Terms of Use. Not Helpful how to make a frame stand up notes Helpful 3. W is the width of the frame material itself. Find a cute frame that represents the person in the photo -- for example, if it's your little girl and stars are her new obsession, pick a starry stamp. Apply a small bead of glue to the How To Make A Frame Stand Up Quiz folded cardboard lip, and attach to the back center of the frame. Allow at least two hours for the glue to dry. This will create the stand to allow the frame to stand. Sep 01,  · I simply cut a 2 inch wide strip of heavy-duty cardboard, making it twice the length I needed, plus about 3 How To Make A Frame Plant Stand Jobs inches extra to fold over How To Make A Picture Frame Box on the bottom, long. Then, I simply folded it in three places, taped it together, and then taped it to the back of the plaque. It works like a charm and is much studier than the little stick stand that came with it.

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