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It is one of those urban legends that just won't die, o matter how many people you tell. Chrome or nickel plating aluminium is just such a huge nightmare that I didn't want to get involved in. If one of the excluded products is in your cart, shipping jack wood planet eclipse kitty be charged on the entire order total. There is no conventional front block, the Front Reg Mount now houses the jzck and the LPR and the ram is mounted to the body via a small bolt-on bracket. Jack wood planet eclipse kitty Posted by Paint HR. Added features included a reverse "P" block, a tapered verticle adapter with a timing rod support set screw, and later WGP threaded feednecks and their famous E-blade - which arrived in late It is just not good business sense.

Soon after, in , the group of friends began to call themselves the Banzai Bandits—and within a few years were winning events all over England and Europe. It was when Wood, Carr and Ledz would begin working on their own Planet Eclipse paintball gun and by the end of the year the first Planet Eclipse 05 Ego was introduced. The Ego was something different—it as super-techy, reliable, it was supported well by Planet Eclipse and spares were made available for any issues that might arise.

While Planet Eclipse was producing their new gun, they were also creating a new modern style of branding and a culture that still exists today. The start of that branding was to bring Sacramento XSV on board as their premier sponsored team. Planet Eclipse would Wood Carving Tool Sets Beginners Jacket also later sponsor teams like San Diego Dynasty, Los Angeles Infamous and Edmonton Impact as well as dozens of others top level professional and amateur tournament teams. Nexus would compete both in the U. By the mids Planet Eclipse had begun to establish their name as a serious manufacturer in the game of paintball and the Ego was quickly becoming the go-to gun for players worldwide.

Each year from to Planet Eclipse released a new Ego marker. The 05 Ego was followed by the 06 Ego, the 07 Ego and so on. An illness to his wife forced Graham to put the shop up for sale and Carr and Ledz stepped up, bought the store and changed its name to Paintball Planet in Jack Wood, also teammates with Carr and Ledz stayed on. Planet Paintball, who would later change its name to Planet Eclipse, became known for customizing Autocockers, Automags, Icon Z-1s and all of the popular guns of the day.

By the mids they would release their own Eclipse versions of many of the hot guns on the market. Menu Valken. Offer only applies to retail customers in the contiguous United States.

If one of the excluded products is in your cart, shipping will be charged on the entire order total. If you would like to receive free shipping on the applicable items, you will need to remove the excluded items from the cart. Not applicable for any other shipping options. Offer may not be combined with other site offers. That is not standard. Now at times some parts or designs were interchanged But in later Sig Series's they looked like the one in his Black Factory More of the triangular shape as opposed to rectangle Join Date Aug Posts Looks good to me Though the pre guns were technacally never called a Eclipse Factory Cocker.

They were just simply Eclipse Eclipseblade Autococker. For Nexus and Nexus Directors Cut there was a total of approx guns made. There were 25 Pink Lady's.

There were also "Custom" colors made, Platinum being one of them that was "available" and of the there were only 22 made in this color. There was also 1 ultra rare Blood Red produced at a customers request. There was also the super rare Red2Black fade and Blue2Black fade. Supposedly there were only 5 of each of these made, but Jack Wood does not even know of them.

History of Eclipse from Jack Wood. Originally Posted by Jack Wood. OK, well going back to when we were developing E1: I was basically working on my own in Eclipse developing mechanical products and I have no real electronic background or knowledge. Steve "Flash" Monks played on the Banzai Bandits with me, Ledz and Julz and he had beed working in the electronic process control industry for years and was bored.

We knew things were moving away from mech and into electro at a rapid rate, so we twisted Flashes arm to come and work for us. Our first "project" together was the Eblade, and we planned on making some prototypes and if we liked it we might make a couple of hundred to sell, to help cover the development costs and then move on to a "big" project like our own gun.

It was a joint idea to do the electro frame first, and originaly there was going to be no eye at all. After working with the Shocker and some of the other early electro frames I said that it was a pointless Woodwork Under Stairs Jacket excercise if you didn't fit eyes, and we'd be just creating paper-weights. I basically said "if it ain't got eyes, I'm not doing it" and threw my toys out of the pram!! Well once we had that one cleared up, we had to pick a sensor system. I knew that this thing was going to be primarily self-intall, knowing the cocker market quite well, so it had to be as easy as possible for any body with a drill to install.

Break-beam needs twice as many holes, in good alignment, as well as having to get a set of wires over a pump arm. Pump arms are all different sizes and lengths, some with the knuckle passing right below where one side of the eye would have to go.

It only really left the reflective sensor as an option. Sure it has drawbacks over the break-beam, but they are far out-weighed for the general user by how easy it is to install. And that about sums up the decision making process. I have no doubt that if we had gone for break-beam in the early days the product would not have taken off as successfully as it did. For Aurora, basically Jacko who runs our RI office met this guy at a social function who did the process and suggeted we tried it.

Personally, I hated it, and still do. Chrome or nickel plating aluminium is just such a huge nightmare that I didn't want to get involved in. By the way, there are more than 10 Eclipse Aurora cockers out there. Don't ask me how many, because I don't know.

Definitely more than 10, though.

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