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Get yours here from Ebay: Click Here. You attach your carving to one jerry-rig carving vise 60 three steel work plates that fit a spigot that passes through the ball. Includes a pin wrench for locking Jerry Rig Carving Vise 5g and unlocking the pivoting base. Precision steel jaws are supplied with jegry-rig and horizontal V-slots for securing round work pieces, too. A grooved tool is included among the 5 different types provided.

Our MRI instruments are built to the highest standards. This instrument will not generate electromagnetic interference. The instrument locates the animal firmly and accurately by means of tapered ear and orbital bars, plus an adjustable palate bar.

Note: If the user does not have experience with these instruments, it is recommended to consult with someone who has prior experience on the correct use before using. Made in Canada. With a quick turn of the tightening knob, you can re-position your project quickly. I highly recommend having this vise in your work shop. I even use it to secure my carving while I paint.

Instructors Harley and Midge Schmitgen use these vises in their classes. The ball and socket design of this German engineered bench vise, shown here in a horizontal position, allows the ability to position this Jerry Rig Carving Vise Game vise in virtually any orientation. Besides working directly off them, you can bolt or screw holding boards, vises, and jigs to these plates first, increasing the versatility of the device. With all its fine qualities, there is one design flaw to note. The toggle bar for clamping the cast iron foot to Jerry Rig Carving Vise Design the bench worked, but is thin and therefore tends to dig into the users hand.

Take the sleeve off and the bar is uncomfortable to use. I would prefer if they fit one of the internal ratchet locking handles that look and work so well on the locking rings above. This is a beautiful piece of equipment, made with a lot of care and attention.

It is hefty, versatile and will serve well for a lifetime of hard use.

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