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Pull the wheel from the speed reducer shaft. Table Saw Blades. When centering the blade on the upper wheel, jet 14 bandsaw blade tension oil may notice that Jet 14 Bandsaw With Riser Blade Length Set the blade is not centered on the lower wheel. The Ratchet-Rod Jet 14 Bandsaw With Riser Blade Length Jack Kit replaces the original threaded rod and nut of the Jet 14 Bandsaw Blade Tension Node bandsaw with an ACME-threaded rod and nut, for easy rotation, and includes a contoured ratcheting knob glade quick and comfortable rotation. Page 5: Warnings 5.
This manual has been prepared for the owner and operators of a JET JWBS Band Saw. Its purpose, aside from machine operation, is to promote safety using accepted operating and maintenance procedures. To obtain maximum life and efficiency from your band saw and to aid in using it safely,File Size: 1MB. The machined aluminum fence system features easily visible measurements for the most accurate cutting. This saw is equipped with JET’s easily adjustable blade guide system, makes adjustments quick and simple. The JET 14” Bandsaw also features over 13 inches of resaw capacity, and dual 4 inch dust ports for maximum dust collection efficiency. Maintain proper adjustment of blade tension, blade guides, and thrust bearings. Adjust upper blade guides to just clear workpiece (approximately 1/8”). Make sure blade tension, tracking and blade guides are all properly adjusted. Make relief cuts where possible, when cutting curved Jet 14 Bandsaw Blade Tension Year stock. When feeding small work pieces.

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