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If you've got a small shop, or limited space on the job, the new jet b3nch 8 in. My observations: 1. Mystery box 3 PCs combo with grinder and one myste Mystery box 3 pcs combo with grinder and one. Check out the price evolution Jointer Planer Combo For Sale Canada Quizlet of the jointer planer combo. Roll over Image to Zoom.

Produced by JET, this Jointer-Planer will provide the ultimate accuracy and durability, and is an economical package which means it is cheaper than other Jointer-Planer available on the market today.

It is super easy and fast to switch between these modes as per your needs. It has a powerful Amp motor that is capable of doing any job you assign it. If you wish to join and plane using a single machine and prefer the heavy-duty combination, this is an ultimate jointer-planer for your needs.

The cutter head of this machine is 12 inches which are considered as larger. There is no more space-eating — bring this Jointer-Planer home and forget about all compactness worries that you used to have before.

You can position the fence at any angle you wish — 45 degrees and 90 degrees as well as a champ. You will get 2 feed rollers anti-kickback fingers and thickness scale.

All of the equipment that you get with this machine is of high quality and built to last longer. The approximate shipping weight is around lbs which are quite good to handle as far as the portability is concerned.

You should also know that it is an expensive Jointer-Planer and may not be designed for you if you are looking for a budget Jointer-Planer. This one offers a decent cutting width of 10 inches to get the job done without any hassle.

It is a 2-in-1 machine to offer you increased productivity and the company design that is a perfect choice for the small shops. You are backed by the versatility of this machine for it offers the fast speed and different cutting widths, with the max. The fence can be angled up to 45 degrees without any problem which means you will get more stability and accuracy in your woodworking. To be informed of the space between the planer table and cutter head, a pointed along with a scale has been equipped in this Jointer-Planer.

The user-friendliness has also been taken into account while making this machine because oversized ergonomic knobs have been featured in this machine. Featuring a 1.

The fence is adjustable allowing you to use it in line with your requirements. The dust port size of this Jointer-Planer is 2. The rigid aluminum fence can be tilted to 45 degrees and can effortlessly be reset to 90 degrees without any delay. Dust collection is spotty - OK with the Jointer, a little less so with the planer 3. No accessory storage - There are several accessories, including the planer dust cover and adjustment crank which must be stored somewhere when not in use.

Guaranteed to get lost. I made one out of cardboard at the bottom of the stand. The Ugly: The outfeed table of the jointer was not aligned with the infeed table, resulting in curved boards. The manual makes no mention of adjustment, but googling it, I found there are 2 allen bolts you can use to adjust the outfeed table.

Unfortunately, you have to remove both the front and rear plastic covers which is a PITA. After doing it twice.

I just cut off the corners of the covers to allow access to the bolts without removing the covers. Now it cuts straight, but I get snipe when jointing. I have seen this with a planer but never a jointer. I have wanted a planer for many years since I was a kid working with wood in my dad's basement. Twenty years later I purchased this planer jointer combo. And I could not be happier the price was right the size is perfect and with a little assembly it was ready to run right out of the box.

After owning it for one year I look forward to many more years of satisfaction from this machine. I would recommend this to any home woodworker. Good size for small shop. Combo great convience. Talked about purchase for years, finally glad I found this deal. I've owned this machine for about 6 months now and after using it for that amount of time I think I can give a fairly accurate review.

The machine does work pretty good with a few flaws. First: the dust collection is almost non-existant. Second: the knobs used to lock the adjustments in place are very flimsy and cheesy. Third: The scale for the planer is set in tenths of an inch rather than a standard ruler of 16ths. I'm not sure if this is a standard on all planers as this is the first I've owned but it is very annoying when trying to take off a 32nd or 16th at a time.

On positive side it is pretty quick to change from planer to jointer. Usually less than a minute. It also does a pretty good job, and seems to have more than enough power to handle anything I've thrown at it.

All in all it is a decent machine for this price. I would not recommend it because of its flaws. It might be just me but they drive me nuts. I believe that it being a JET it should be made a bit better. I dont think it would cost them hardly anything to upgrade the handles and knobs, and work on the dust collection. I purchased this power tool mainly because of the cost.

I had a small kitchen to complete, and this tool fit the budget. I have long respected Jet power tools. I have used Jet tools for almost 25 years. But this tool doesn't meet the Jet standard. The first issue I had was that the out-feed table of the planer had a crown in the middle of it which would not allow you to properly install and adjust the table. Secondly, the fence to the jointer had two raised spots from the screws that attach the angle adjustment, which would scratch the wood as you joint.

Both of these issues were resolved by exchanging them both at Woodcraft for the ones that were on the floor model. When setting the machine up for the second time. I squared the fence to the table only to find that the fence I had gotten off of the floor model was cupped from the top to the bottom.

I called Jet and they said they would send me a new one. I continued to setup to begin using the machine. Before making the first pass on the jointer I checked to make sure the tables were parallel. To my surprise they were out tremendously. My straight edge laid flat across the out-feed table and touched the in-feed at its end.

When I checked the other side, away front the fence, the straight edge did not touch at all. I called Jet and they said it could be repaired by a technician. But I cannot afford that kind of time. So I elected to return the machine. It was very discouraging to see such quality from Jet. I read reviews on this machine on multiple sites before I decided to purchase and came to the conclusion that it would serve me well.

I had what I thought to be realistic expectations from this machine. I had expected a machine that would work well for boards up to 5, maybe 6 feet long. I expected it to be under powered, but usable. Many reviews spoke of the difficulty of getting the jointer tables coplanar. I knew that switching form jointer to planer would be a bit annoying, but I was willing to accept that. All in all I really expected to make some realistic compromises with this machine, but the size of the machine and the price made me decide to buy it.

I received the machine and started putting it together. It went together quite easily and took about 2 hours to assemble. Once I started to set up the machine I started having issues. The knives needed to be set. The first was easy to set with the jackscrews used to fine tune the height of the blade. Upon trying to set the second knife I started to have issues. The front jackscrew would come all the way out of it's threads before the blade was high enough.

I was able to get the blades set, it just took a little more messing with than it should have. I tightened the adjusting knobs for the infeed table on the back of the machine, but couldn't seem to get one of the rods that holds the infeed table tight. I removed the front cover from the machine and used a wrench to tighten the rod from the front. This started to help, but the rod snapped before the table was tight. Upon inspection I found that one of the square washers that aligns the infeed table in the diagonal slots that keep it aligned was installed crooked preventing a large bushing from seating tightly as it should.

I emailed Jet about the parts assuming that with a new rod I could get the machine running. I also asked about the issue with the jackscrews. Their tech had me measure the distance from the top of the outfeed table to the cutterhead assembly. The outfeed table was higher in front than in back making it necessary to set the front of the knives a bit higher than the back.

I can only assume that the outfeed table was incorrectly machined as Jet sent me a new outfeed table as well as the replacement for the snapped rod. I started to try and reassemble the machine, but soon found that replacing the outfeed table requires taking the machine almost completely apart.

Also while I was working on it, I found that one of the springs that provides tension to the outfeed roller for the planer was loose. I was going to reattach it, but the cast piece it was supposed to connect to was broken, so I couldn't. At this point I requested Jet send me a replacement and I would ship them back a pile of parts as I felt that I shouldn't have to spend this much time repairing a new machine. They said I could either talk to the retailer I bought it from, or send it to them at my cost to be evaluated.

I decided to return the machine and go ahead and spend more for a separate planer and jointer. This machine is a great concept, and in its defense isn't underpowered too badly. The planer works great and leaves a better surface than I expected, but as a jointer it is completely useless. The parts are so poorly designed and poorly assembled that getting it to make a straight edge seems like it would be a constant battle. I know some people have reviewed this machine quite well, and I don't dismiss their experience.

I think the poor quality of manufacture and assembly have created a product that is completely hit or miss. Easy to use,It works great for cabinet work.

Very little adjustment needed out of the box. For the money you cannot beat this unit. Assembly instructions are good if well read. Bought for jointer, but have used planer the most providing good results.

Since retiring 2 years ago I have become a very avid woodworker with the only drawback being that I bought cheap at first and am now having to upgrade. Setup went easy and the machine came fully aligned and adjusted. It goes from 0 to 5 inches in 0. Other than that the machine is easy to use and going back and forth from planer to jointer is not that hard and certainly for me is better than having 2 machines taking up more space.

What a great small packaged Jet 10" combo unit. This is made for the small workshop where space is at a premium, There is a great video out on youtube featuring Charles Neil of WoodCraft talking about this and it will answer most of your questions.

Give your self 2 hours to set up and square it. Planer worked great on hard maple I had sitting around. The jointer fence was almost squared out of the box after setting up. The store rep told me this will handle about 6ft long lumber pieces and it was right on. I also put one package of tube sand on the stand struts for weight. You will be nervous about the plastic on here but so far after two days I have no more doubts about it.

Thumbs up for me. Find a Store.

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