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Timberwolf blades wjbs " sizes of various widths are readily available and are awesome. For the name of an Authorized Service Center in your area call If one of our tools needs service or repair, one of our Jet jwbs 14sfx 14 bandsaw ca Service Centers located throughout the United States can give you quick service. After assembling it, bandaw saw blade does not align and cuts through its own guides. Replacement Parts. Quick release tensioner lever. I squared the table and blade.

In most cases, any of these JPW Industries Authorized Service Centers can authorize warranty repair, assist you in obtaining parts, or perform routine maintenance and major repair on your JET tools.

For the name of an Authorized Service Center in your area call New Products. Replacement Parts. Mortisers Grinders Scroll Saws Accessories. Cut started great but after a few inches the cut started to drift. The fence had moved. Even though the lock handle was down the fence was not locked and would not lock.

Turned out the locking mechanism was defective. No big deal. I called the distributor. After numerous calls and listening to a lot of hold music I finally reached someone. He apologized and said that they were short staffed and mostly working from home due to the pandemic.

No problem, I said. Then I described my problem to him. He said that he had never had this problem before but he would be happy to send me a new fence lock; however it would have ti come from China and would take up to two months. I told him this was unacceptable as I need the saw for my work. He apologized and said he would transfer me to his supervisor who was actually at the warehouse. I got voice mail. After a number o f tries I finally spoke with the supervisor. He too apologized and said that he could do nothing in regard to expediting the part replacement, but since I had bought the saw from Amazon I should just exchange it for another one.

After exhausting other options I finally contacted Amazon and they said no problem they will send out a new saw and pick up the old one at no charge. The absurdity of this situation does not escape me.

For a Jet Lathe 1221vs Parts Java 15 or 20 dollar part Amazon will pick up my perfectly good and already assembled saw and deliver a new machine that I will then spend an afternoon unpacking and assembling.

Finally, this says much about Amazon commitment to customer service. As to the Jet distributor, it seems that they are well stocked with this new model machine but woefully under stocked with spare parts for it. One final note: In spite of my support issue with the Jet distributor, I think this is the best saw in it's price range. With the exception of the faulty fence lock the build quality and finish are very good.

After assembling at least 10 different stationary tools, I would say this was 62 Bandsaw Blades For Wood Lab one of the easiest. For example, when you assemble the base there are welded nuts on the underside, so no awkward reaching around with two wrenches. The machining and fits are good, better than some even more expensive competitors.

My only gripes are: don't show the flexible work light unless it is standard equipment it's not , and my op manual talks about using the miter gauge, which was absent from my crate. Other than that an excellent machine so far. The new bandsaw came on time this morning. Packaging had only superficial damage. Ordered a 3 blade set from Timber Wolf, expecting them next week.

More to come once the blade is installed and the saw tuned up! Built a new jig to hold the 6x6 posts that need beveled ends. The saw did a great job! Reviewed in the United States on May 31, The bandsaw arrived several weeks later than it was originally scheduled for. After assembling it, the saw blade does not align and cuts through its own guides. The assembly instructions are poor - and I had to look them up online because a user manual hadn't been included - and videos on line even point out that the machine is problematic.

Because of the delivery delay and issues assembling, the return window closed and I cannot return. Tension handle seems loose and takes quite a heavy pull to set. When you raise and lower guides for different cutting heights, the blade goes out of alignment. Great saw, fast free shipping. Put it together myself, its heavy. I used a cable hoist with strap. I squared the table and blade. Blade doesn't come with saw. Quite happy with it. I'm a hobbyist woodworker and spent several months debating on which bandsaw to buy to compliment the rest of my garage wood shop.

All roller bearing guides - I knew I'd end up getting a Carter bearing system down the road with several other saws I was looking at so this model having this type from the factory saved me that Jet Power Tools Parts Zip bit of coin. I won't use it all the time but will be nice when I do. Matches my planer capacity. Not giant, but not small in anyway. For straight-line cutting, a rip fence proves a vital accessory, and all but two saws include one.

All the fences include adjustments to compensate for blade drift when the blade fails to cut parallel to the fence. Dual-position fences, such as this one on both Grizzlys , mount by T-slot onto a rigid fence arm that locks onto the guide rail. They give you tall and short surfaces for guiding boards. Reliable tension scale.

On these deluxe saws, we hoped for more-reliable blade-tension gauges, but found we could rely on the scales of just Rikon 10 Bandsaw Canada News two saws. So it's a good idea to know how to set the tension without the scale. Our tester used the flutter method, where, with the blade guides pulled back and the saw running, he loosened the blade tension until the blade fluttered side-to-side. Then he tightened it gradually until the flutter disappeared. All of the saws have quick-release tension levers that relieve enough tension to change blades, and then return to your previous setting without tedious cranking and checking the blade tension as you go.

Effective dust collection. Dust buildup on the rubber tires of these saws reduces blade grip, so it's important to hook up the saw to a dust collector. Each of the models in this test has a 4" port next to the lower wheel; these proved most effective on the steel-frame models. Doors on the C-frame saws did not seal as tightly, reducing dust-collection effectiveness. Try as we might, we could not bog down this 3-hp workhorse, even when resawing 14"-wide oak and ash.

It's our Top Tool among volt saws. You can do a lot with a molding head and cutters on your tablesaw. One thing you can't do, Skip to main content. Tool review: Deluxe inch Bandsaws. Tool tester Bob Saunders feeds an ash board through this bandsaw to test its resawing power and accuracy.

Deluxe 14" Bandsaws Choosing to purchase a 14" deluxe bandsaw says a lot about where you are in your woodworking journey. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Text. Printer-friendly version. Read more about Bandsaws. More Bandsaws All Bandsaws. Power Tool Tune-up and Set-up.

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