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JET® 12" X 21" Variable Speed Mini Wood Lathe Machine | JET® Woodturning Machines

Lathe Motor Conversion to Variable Speed DC. Project by thewoodworker posted I would never want to go back to a belt change speed lathe. You get spoiled really quickly. posts in days #5 posted PM. This is on the list of things to Best Variable Speed Wood Lathe 80 do – I have a Jet 5-speed lathe, and I hate having to. JWLVS 12'' x 21'' Variable Speed Wood Lathe. This JET® 12" X 21" Variable Jet Lathe 1221vs Parts Java Speed Mini Wood Lathe Machine features a 1HP, V motor that creates a better overall turning experience. Most common lathe manufacturers sell variable speed conversion kits and there are universal kits also available. Finding a kit that is made for your lathe is easier than using a universal kit because it is built to the specification of the lathe.

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