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Going Along With the Grain. Veneers, plywood, and particleboard are other products. Your cart is empty Start by checking out our lumber deals. Where this misnomer started is unknown. View in gallery.

In stability, it ranks quite high. If you want the wood to remain fragrant, don't cover it with a finish. Otherwise, use anything but polyurethane or plastic finishes-oil in the wood makes it difficult for them to adhere. Note: Unfinished eastern red cedar eventually becomes less fragrant as its oil hardens in the wood surface.

You can renew the fragrance by sanding with fine-grit sandpaper. Fresh oil from the inner wood will rise to the surface, renewing the aroma. Eastern red cedar works well for trim in boats and canoes, as cedar chests, for closet linings, jewelry boxes, bookcases, carvings, and turnings. Although it's a softwood, hardwood grading standards apply because eastern red cedar is used primarily as a cabinet wood. Readily available boards rarely exceed 7" widths, 6'lengths, and 1" thicknesses.

Veneers, plywood, and particleboard are other products. You can do a lot with a molding head and cutters on your tablesaw. One thing you can't do, Skip to main content.

Eastern Red Cedar. Favored for fragrance and flavor. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Text. Start with a wood circle perhaps you could repurpose a cutting board. Stain, paint or decorate it however you want and drill a hole at the center so you can add the clock mechanism.

This would have to come from an actual clock, perhaps an old one which you no longer like. Make your own wooden magazine files in exactly the shape and size you want. From a single sheet of plywood you can make 18 files which is pretty cool.

Display your favorite pictures on a wall and make your own frames from scratch. You could for example make some rustic scrap wood picture frames without spending any money assuming you have some leftover supplies from previous projects. You can either keep things super simple and just display the picture onto the wood or add an extra layer of backing paper. It gets even easier if instead of building a wooden display shelf from scratch you choose to repurpose a crate or a box.

This wooden picture holder is a nice accessory for a desk or a shelf and to make it you only need a few simple things such as a wooden plank piece, a saw, some sandpaper, tape and a bit of paint. Obviously, you can personalize this accessory however you want so be creative. A much more affordable option would be a DIY wood framed mirror. Perhaps you already have a mirror in need of a makeover. You could glue it onto a shabby-chic frame made out of wood which you could put together yourself.

A wooden hanging planter like this one can solve a lot of problems. For example, you could hang it in the kitchen, in front of the window and you could grow fresh herbs in it. No counter space would be needed, no shelf, just a ceiling hook and some rope or cord.

If you want a larger planter, you could build a custom one from scratch. Consider pallet wood. Use some to make a wood pallet hanging planter which you can display both indoor and outdoor. What about small planters, the kind you keep on your desk or table? Those can look super cute and you can make some for your tiny succulents or air plants.

These colorful geometric planters are made out of wooden blocks. Use a drill to shape them and a drill to make holes for the plants. The acrylic paints are great for customization. A wooden magazine holder can really bring a space together. You could build one for your cozy reading corner or you could add one to the living room, by the sofa. All you need for this project is two rectangular wooden planks of equal dimensions, a ruler and a wood saw.

Some sandpaper might be needed too. A candelabra is a stylish and beautiful accessory and a lovely decoration. Even something very simple like a DIY wood candelabra can look awesome. This particular one is actually pretty easy to make too, which is a great plus. An entryway is not complete without a coat rack but why should it cost a small fortune when there are plenty of affordable options, including some great DIY project ideas.

Speaking of which, check out how easy and fun it is to build this DIY wood coat rack. You only need four wood boards, glue and some hooks. Lamps are a bit trickier than a lot of other home accessories because they have to actually be functional, not just to look good. A great project to start with could be a wooden block desk lamp like this one.

Building outdoor furniture is pretty fun and easy, mostly because the requirements are small in terms of looks. There are plenty of awesome woodworking projects which can inspire you in this sense. For example, a pallet coffee table on wheels could be an awesome addition to a patio or garden.

Complement that lovely handmade coffee table with a colorful pallet bench. The island becomes the center of the kitchen, where everyone congregates while meals are being made. Or overhang one side, stash a few stools underneath, and it becomes a wonderful place to sip coffee while the kids eat breakfast.

Specials X. Flooring Specials Countertops Specials. Forbo Marmoleum. Description Juniper Butcher Block Solid Wood Countertop There is nothing like an old-fashioned, butcher block island countertop for the warmth, color, and feel of a solid hardwood surface. Juniper Juniper, characterized by its beautiful grain patterns and rustic aesthetic with warm cream, chocolate, and reddish tones, is a native species found throughout the high deserts of the West.

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