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Inches Metric. Be sure to test board kreg jig settings chart pdf that you are not familiar with. Stainless Steel Pocket-Hole Screws. The next question to ask yourself is: What kind of wood you are using to build your project? Pin 14K. Make sure to choose the correct joint type for your joint.
In addition to the proper Kreg Jig® settings, spacing pocket holes evenly across the workpiece is an important part of getting a strong joint. The Kreg Jig® features a three-hole drill guide that allows you to do this in a variety of Kreg Jig Settings Chart Yield workpiece widths without the need to . Jan 19,  · If you are using a Kreg Jig, this chart will help you choose the correct jig setting and screw length for your joint. You can also use the calculator I made to automatically generate the correct settings. Click here to buy the Pocket Hole Jig Settings POSTER for your shop Click here to Jump to the Settings Calculator. Using the Kreg Jig® K5 and K5 Master System Set the Drill Guide For a strong joint, the screw should exit close to the center of the workpiece. To adjust the pocket-hole position, retract the.

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