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I would imagine it would be stationary most of the time. Ships on May alguna, I just bought one a few weeks ago and have been very happy with it. You can also find woodworking dust collection systems that are acoustically insulated to minimize noise and vibration. I called out the Laguna Tools 3hp Dust Collector Cyclone Card electrician and he suggested running it on as it draws 8.

RobBob Posts: I have been very happy with my Laguna Pflux Hepa 3hp. Some people claim that the shorter cyclone design used by Laguna and other manufacturers can reduce effective separation of fines from larger dust particles and cause the filter to clog faster.

This seems to only apply to the 3hp models and up. One test I saw mentioned how good the dust separation was on the 1.

The separation on mine works great. Some written articles on dust collection even claim that a clean filter reduces the effectiveness of the filter to capture the finest dust particles. In other words, the filter needs to be somewhat Laguna 3hp Mobile Cyclone Dust Collector Type dirty so that the smallest dust particles do not slip through the filter.

For the larger hp collectors, Laguna offers an additional part that simply bolts under the lid of the dust barrel making proper separation a non-issue. I think this may act as a sort of Thien baffle. In any case, always use a dust collector, air filter, and dust mask. Jim Kirkpatrick Posts: If you're looking to keep the cost down, do consider Grizzly. I have a G that I bought in , I've gone through multiple table saws and jointers but this is the one constant in my shop.

It's proven to be a workhorse. There is literally thousands of hours on it and the only thing I've had to do was tighten the impeller bolts twice. It is V so you'll need to wire for it.

There are other smaller units available but I wouldn't go any smaller than this, for future expansion. For Laguna Mobile Cyclone Dust Collector 15hp Free some time, I've been thinking about upgrading to a stationary 2 stage cyclone. Like you, I've been researching other brands. But I think I'd be crazy to consider any other brand, given the service mine's given me. Grizzly GZ on sale. Quote from: bnaboatbuilder on November 09, , AM. I have the Oneida Air Systems V in my garage shop and it is very very effective and quiet.

Thank you all for the opinions. I would imagine it would be stationary most of the time. Occasionally moving it around the garage. I realize this comes with a cost though. Unless I overlooked something. Yes, I'll keep that in mind. I'm not too concerned with the CFM. All of these machines will be plenty for only using 1 tool at a time. JSlovic Posts: I've got the V predecessor of the Laguna cflux- Very happy with it. I only use it on one machine at a time, and find it easy to reposition in my shop.

The only complaint is there's a frame in dust bin to keep the bag from collapsing that assembled with a bunch of M3? I gave them a healthy dose of Locktite and they haven't budged since. I bought the 1. I only use it for one tool at a time and it's plenty for my Sawstop, bandsaw, and router table. Quote from: mark60 on November 09, , PM. JBag09 Posts: Have any of you guys checked out JDS dust collectors. I recently ordered one after doing a lot of research, waiting on it due to backorder.

Some of the things it comes standard with, seem to be options on the Laguna. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

RobBob Ya that was the option I was referring to. I guess I can give my honest opinion in a few months on how the JDS works.

Teeravis Posts: Dust Collectors. High Volume Dust Removal. Find A Dealer. View Collection. M FLUX B FLUX. Have A Large Shop? Explore Industrial Dust Collectors.

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