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Most reclaimed lumber comes from timbers and decking rescued from old barns, factories and warehouses throughout the world. Some companies use reclaimed timber from less traditional structures such as boxcars, coal mines and wine barrels. If you have an old home and want to give it that unique feature that will make eyes pop reclaimed wood is perfect for you. No matter what your project entails, we have the inventory and expertise to make it an absolute success. Give us a call and we will assist you to Reclaimed Lumber Products Nampa En make your reclaimed wood project come true. Working With Reclaimed Wood. Reclaimed lumber and vintage timber products - beams, planks, siding, decking and flooring Hardwoods and softwoods. Call for quotes.  Highly valued for the history it reveals on its surface, vintage timber products or, reclaimed lumber, is a complement to the Bridgewell wood products offering. Used for furniture, paneling, flooring, cabinets, and Lumber Products An Oregon Corporation Date a variety of construction uses, it is highly desirable for projects where random character marks add to the aesthetic quality of the finished product or project. Barnwood. Softwood and hardwood. Timbers. Beams. Lumber. Lumber. Softwood and hardwood. Planks. Reclaimed Wood or Lumber has a past and has been used for buildings and structures. Reclaimed wood shouldn´t be confused with salvaged wood.  A rare reclaimed wood Lumber Products Definition Questions species is longleaf (heart) pine, which can take up to years to mature, as opposed to the more common yellow pine which only takes 50 years. In the past longleaf pine produced enormous trees, meaning long and sturdy planks, which were the mainstay of the USA’s wood industry hundreds of years ago. However, today only 2% of its original planted area in the US is covered by this species, compared to 41% in the s. This loss is immense and shows why using reclaimed wood is so important. Rustic yet refined, reclaimed wood shelves are percent recycled wood from turn-of-the-century barns, factories, mills and buildings of the like. Reclaimed wood shelving is a versatile option for many types of spaces, including offices and living room areas. Jul 30, - We love old barns and feel sad when we watch them slowly fall into the ground over the years. In addition, we get bored with the mainstream or latest trend. From these two passions Reclaimed Lumber Products was born. Where possible, we want to see the old barns preserved, however if they have Bennett Lumber Products Princeton Id Of to come down, we want to "Give Old Wood New Life" through our highest quality doors 12 pins. Unable to find quality doors, trim, and flooring at a sensible price, Titus Gilliam started his own manufacturing facility in , which has now evolved into a full line of reclaimed lumber products. We have strict quality standards due to our own discriminating taste.

Follow on Instagram. Other woods recycled and reprocessed into new wood products include coast redwood , hard maple , Douglas Fir , walnuts, hickories, red and White Oak , and Eastern white pine. Decades worth of experience working with a variety of species and grades of lumber have helped us to recognize a need in the lumber industry. Reclaimed Lumber. Share this article. The presence of worm tracks suggests the trees were felled as dead standing timber, and may be post-blight lumber.

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