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Stay Put Hose Kits. End Cap. Galvanized Steel. View catalog pages 4. Router Table Dust Eliminator. Title No. Duct- to- Duct.

Eagle America is proud to offer you a large selection of dust collection accessories and fittings for all of your woodworking tools. Table saws, band saws, routers, drill presses and more, we are always adding new and Magnetic Dust Collector Fittings Network innovative dust collection products to meet your Metal Dust Collector Fittings Co woodworking needs. Exposure to wood dust can damage the motors in your woodworking tools and it can also be hazardous to your respiratory system.

So, remember to protect your health and your woodworking tools by controlling the dust in your woodshop. This site uses cookies to collect data. By continuing to browse, you accept our Privacy Policy. We're Moving! Orders will now ship the week of March Please contact us via e-mail for support as phones may be unavailable. Thank you for your patience.

Add to cart. Router Table Dust Eliminator. Galvanized steel has good corrosion resistance. Aluminum is lightweight and has good corrosion resistance. For technical drawings and 3-D Magnetic Dust Collector Fittings 90 models, click on a part number. Adjustment sleeves extend your Dust Collector Fittings Canada Revenue duct length. Cut duct, then slide on the sleeve. They include an o-ring for the clamp to grasp. Tee connectors join or split runs of duct.

Wye connectors join or split runs of duct. Reducers connect duct with different diameters. Adapters join quick-disconnect duct to other duct systems. Duct - to - duct adapters connect to standard and spiral duct. Duct - to - duct with flange adapters provide a secure connection between duct. Duct flanges are also available. Duct - to - hose adapters are slightly undersized.

Slide hose over the adapter and hold it in place with a hose clamp not included. Airflow dampers regulate airflow. Blast gates stop airflow when closed. Intake hoods exhaust fumes from your work area. Saddles add a branch to an existing run of duct. Cut a hole in the duct and fit the saddle over the hole. Contact Us Order. Log in. Create login. Search Results. Trade Size. Outlet OD. Inlet OD. Adapter Type. Wye Angle. Blade Material. View catalog pages 4. Send Cancel. How can we improve?

About Duct Connections. Blast Gates. Floor Sweep. Style Outlet OD Lg. Dust Hoods. Separator Lid. Adjustable Nozzle with Stand. Grounding Kit. Each Reference Books.

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