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The Frame drum originates in the Middle East and is among the oldest of drums. Frame drums can be played using a traditional style with fingers, striking edge of drum producing a "tak" tone. It can also be held with one hand and played with a soft mallet or straddled between the knees like a bongo drum. To make a drum frame from braches, here's what you do. Cut two branches, each about 36 inches long and an inch in diameter. Ash, cedar, willow, hazel, wild rose runners, sycamore and birch are all good options. Boil some water in a kettle and once steam begins to form, pass one of the braches repeatedly through the steam. Charging the Drum – The printer drum unit will be positively charged. The electrostatic character of the drum unit can be achieved in 2 different ways depending on the printer mechanism. Some printers use Make A Frame Animation In Photoshop Unit a corona wire with electric current running through it.

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