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Keep creating with K4Craft. Non-necessary Non-necessary. Find more ideas. Line these up with the four cardboard corners that you did not yarn wrap and fo down so the photo sticks and the image is lined up with the space. Cut out a cardboard and pull out the felt pens from the drawer to get started with this interesting photo-frame making a craft. Cardboard Picture Frames.
Feb 17,  · Take a cardboard and draw the markings as shown. Cut along the markings to get the base of the frame. Cut few stripes of 3cm width and 2 more of cm width. Paste the thinner strips on the Make A Frame Out Of Foam Board Of Education 3cm wide strips as shown. >Download attached PDF files >Print 3 pages making sure to check "Actual Size" in your Print www.How To Make A Frame way the frame will fit a standard 4x6 photo >Cut out stencils #1, #2 and #3 by following along the dashed lines. A sharp utility knife will be much easier to work with and will yield better results - of course take care to do it safely. Apr 16,  · I started by drawing around the photo onto the cardboard then marked another line a bit further out. I used a craft knife Make A Frame With Cardboard Javascript to cut around the middle line revealing the hole that the photo will be seen through. I then used scissors to cut around the outside line leaving you with a frame.

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