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Being a whittler myself I know you must whittle the bark off before you sand it. Would these work? Available in lengths up to 36" only. Rosewood tends to have a coarse grain but its texture is shiny and smooth. With all bark removed, set the stick Make Walking Cane Out Of Wood Uk aside standing upright in a corner somewhere for 2 to 4 weeks to dry.
Aug 04,  · Unfortunatly "lightweight" cancels out the "tough as nails" part. Anything under a pound just does not carry enough inertia to penitrate (deep transfer of energy) in a walking cane length stick. Canvas micarta is a fantastic material but it cost like rip and is a little too non-traditional to sell to the age group who buys walking sticks. Similarly, they make excellent, if heavy, walking sticks. Maple is not only a strong wood, it is abrasion resistant, so it will last for many miles on the trail. Many male species will work, although ashleaf and silver maples have somewhat weaker wood than red or sugar maples. Well my Dad finally went through with his knee surgery to replace a broken down knee joint. Thank goodness! Before he went into surgery I decided to make a custom walking cane out of some scrap material I had on the lumber cart.I went back and forth on material types but settled on a combination of Walnut and Padauk with an Oak center.

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